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September 29, 2022

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As the “busy season” for events approaches with Country Fair and the Academy Classic Golf Tournament just weeks away, this week some of our volunteers share why they choose to spend their time giving back to the Academy.

My reason for volunteering is simple. I volunteer because it makes my children happy to see me at school. To see their bright little smiles when they see me at school is everything to me. I get a chance to bring happiness into their day and help out the school that provides the best education we can give as parents to our children. Jasmine, Zain and Jaslynne, I volunteer for you.
— Abigail Alvarez Fuentes

We have been part of the Academy family since 2008 when our now 18-year old started Pre-Primary. One of the most rewarding parts of that 14-year journey (which is still going!) has been sharing in the blood, sweat, and tears and fulfillment, joy, and sense of community that comes from volunteering at one the Academy’s many events. Whether the goal is fund raising, community building, or both, these events are key to who we are as a school community. In the weeks before an event it always seems a bit daunting, like the pieces will never come together, but it is a thing of beauty to see the blocks fall into place and to have been a part, no matter how small, of the puzzle. These events do not and cannot come together without the shared vision, mutual hard work, and untiring support of our wonderful community of volunteers. For us, these school events have always been a rewarding part of our Academy journey and one that we and our Academy girls will treasure beyond our time here.

— Brian and Lisa Larkin

When our son first started at the Academy in Primary, we had only met a handful of very welcoming staff members and parents. We could feel that the school had a unique community of which we wanted to be participants. A big piece of becoming part of the school community and feeling the sense of belonging, was through volunteering. By investing our time in helping with school parties, coaching sporting events, helping at Country Fair to name a few, our pride in the school and its community has deepened. We are proud of our school and enjoy being a helping hand to its continued success.

— Steve and Lyn McKinstry

I cherish my time volunteering at the Academy. My love of volunteering started when going to the Emmaus Homes and the St. Patrick Center with my mom and a group of classmates in middle school. My parents would often volunteer with me, so between their example and the Academy, it instilled the importance of service to others (Goal 3, my favorite!). I also got to know my classmates better, creating friendships and building a sense of community. Now, as an alum volunteering at the Academy, I am still forming new relationships and building a community with alums and all friends of the Academy. I will continue to volunteer here for the rest of my life and that makes me so happy! 

— Alexandra Sanchez ’06, Alumni Coordinating Council President

One of the most beautiful parts about our ASH community is the humble and loving gift of service our families bring to every school year. Whether donating time to organize a class party, volunteering at an event or chairing one of our many fundraisers, every moment given back to our school has an exponential effect on our community and our children. 

“Your example, even more than your words, will be an eloquent lesson to the world.” St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

As a community, our educational goals go beyond reading, writing, math and science. Together, we endeavor to raise our children to know and love God, to serve others and to make an impact on our world. It is by our example that we lead our children into knowing and loving the opportunity to give back. Together we have much to give and when united through service, we will impact the next generation of ASH in ways we can only imagine. 

— Amber Peterson Westerson ’94