Volunteer Opportunities

Academy of the Sacred Heart has many fundraisers and events throughout the year! We strongly encourage you get involved in at least three of our fundraisers throughout the school year. As Country Fair is our biggest family event, we require that your family works at least (1) shift during Country Fair Weekend! Below are the big events that take place at Academy that we need your help! Please check which boxes you would like additional shift and event information on! Make sure to pencil in the dates you select in your calendar! Thank you for your generous support you continue to give to Academy of the Sacred Heart.

“Originally I volunteered because I wanted to belong to a community and lend myself to the betterment of the school that my kids were at. I’ve met some of my closest friends volunteering and I enjoy watching projects take shape from everyone’s collective work”

— Current Academy Parent

“I’ve volunteered because I believe in the school, and what’s in the best interest of my child. I believe the way the school succeeds is by having amazing volunteers, teachers, staff and parents. I have no reason to ever complain or voice my opinion about something if I am not involved. By volunteering it helps me understand what it takes to have a successful school and an amazing environment for my child to thrive. My children are also proud when they get to see me helping out. They know that I’m just as much a part of the school as they are”

— Current Academy Parent

We strongly encourage volunteering for three (3) of our fundraisers. Each family is required to work one (1) shift during country fair weekend.

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