Trivia Night

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How Does it Work?

Please come and join us for the 19th Annual Trivia Night hosted by the Academy of the Sacred Heart's Fathers' Club for a fun 120 minutes of trivia! It is just like an in-person trivia night, but trivia will be played over Zoom (video conference system). You can play by using your computer, tablet, or smartphone device. Once registration closes, all attendees will receive Zoom link to have access to the Trivia Night. Zoom has the capability for your team to gather in break out rooms for the virtual event. After introductions and game rules, the live host will read questions, which will also appear on the Zoom Screen. This will be general trivia, testing players' knowledge in everything from politics to pop culture and then some!

What is a Zoom Breakout Room?

Zoom Breakout Rooms allows us to break the trivia attendees into multiple teams. When joining the Trivia Night with the event Zoom Link, the host will place you in the correct breakout room with the rest of your team. Detailed instructions will be emailed to your team captain closer to the event date. If you would prefer ALL teammates get the instructions, please include their emails while registering.

How do you Submit your Trivia Questions?

The Virtual Trivia Zoom event will open 15 minutes early - please join then to ensure your device is configured and working. The host will provide your team with a website link. This will be used to submit answers for scoring. Only one member from each team will need to submit - we call them the team captain. Captains will type or select answers with every question and submit at the end of each round.

More Questions?

Please contact Events Coordinator, Anna Godfrey '07 (