Embracing our Rich Heritage, Creating our Bold Future:

Strategic Priorities for the Academy of the Sacred Heart

All Students in Front Yard

Our Mission

We educate and inspire the heart and mind of each child to become a courageous and confident leader who knows and loves God, and who reveals that love by serving others.

Our Vision

Grounded in our faith and shaped by our Sacred Heart mission, we courageously embark on the journey to inspire, educate, and transform students into joyful creators of a world defined by change. We recognize the need for their critical and creative thinking, generous hearts, and principled leadership in shaping the future.

Times change,
and we must change and modify our views.

— St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

We began this strategic planning process, envisioning the future academic program and student experience at the Academy, from a position of strength. We have an exceptionally strong community, excellent faculty and academic program, and a deeply principled Sacred Heart identity at the core of our identity.

As we look to the future, we endeavor to think boldly and innovatively in order to deliver our mission in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world. This strategic plan provides the Academy with a vision, a game plan, and next steps for achieving our vision.

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Our Strategic Plan Priorities

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Identity / Culture:
Living our Sacred Heart Charism

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Develop an intentional approach to creating and celebrating a racially and culturally diverse community reflective of our Sacred Heart identity and society, ensuring that every community member feels loved, respected, and appreciated.

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Continue to celebrate our Catholic faith through ongoing education of faculty, staff, students, and parents on the Goals and Criteria of the Society of the Sacred Heart and Catholic teachings through a range of approaches.

Embrace/leverage Sacred Heart Network-sponsored opportunities for growth, including affinity groups, exposure to the Sacred Heart global sensibility, and student exchanges.

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Continue to implement intentional practices that reflect our Catholic identity and create a culture of gratitude, generosity, compassion, forgiveness, joy, and celebration.

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Learning and Teaching:
Developing All God's Gifts

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Under the new Principal and Curriculum and Learning Coach, continue to investigate approaches to thinking and learning that will create a culture that anticipates the future needs and skills for students to be successful in their world.

Investigate, plan, prioritize, and implement future-based skill building opportunities that will stimulate a forward-thinking culture, enhance student learning, and differentiate the Academy in and out of the classroom.

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Review and plan for athletics, performance, and extracurricular programs of excellence that are mission-appropriate and will enhance the educational experience at all age levels, especially options aligned with forward thinking skill building.

Define professional development norms, expectations, and opportunities for faculty and staff members.

Become a full member of Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) community in order to establish, through their robust accreditation process, “institutional self-reflection that facilitates a continuous process for schools to become their ‘best selves,’ well aligned with good practices.” (from the ISACS website)

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Vibrant Community / Purposeful Action:
Revealing God's Love

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To ensure our Sacred Heart tradition of leading balanced lives supported by a culture that promotes spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional well-being, develop a comprehensive approach to physical and mental health for all members of the Academy community, including promoting healthy eating habits, supporting students with diverse learning styles, and supporting community mental health through education and intervention when appropriate.

Recommit and continually analyze the best options for face-to-face service in the local and greater community and create a plan, including reflection, for longitudinal impact on student growth.

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Develop an intentional program, with an educational component, for stewardship of the environment at the Academy and throughout the region.

Develop a plan to facilitate and foster relationships among and with alumni.

Continue to support and welcome parental engagement and offer educational opportunities in keeping with the Sacred Heart commitment to strong relationships.

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Financial Sustainability:
Preserving Our Heritage, Ensuring a Limitless Future

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Embark on a comprehensive campus master planning process toward a goal of preserving, leveraging, and renovating our historic campus. This plan will coordinate and prioritize new, renovated, and converted spaces in the future that reflect our holistic Sacred Heart Goals. The campus plan will support growth, community, efficiency, and new programs.

Update mid-and long-term maintenance programs, including new and renovated indoor and outdoor spaces that enhance excellence in programming and improve stewardship, collaboration, community, efficiency, and vibrancy.

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Investigate, plan and implement what resources are necessary to increase enrollment based on a comprehensive admission and marketing plan.

Complete a comprehensive development plan that fosters a culture of philanthropy, rooted in the spirit of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne and the Society of the Sacred Heart, in order to address long-term annual giving and future capital needs.

Investigate how to create long-term success with campus rental partnerships to expand community relationships, foster student recruitment opportunities and, generate revenue.

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Epochs of transition must keep us on the alert. They ask us to keep our eyes open upon the distant horizons, our minds listening to seize every indication that might enlighten us; reading, reflection, searching must never stop; the mind must keep flexible in order to lose nothing, to acquire any knowledge that can aid our mission.

— Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ (1912)

We wish to acknowledge and appreciate the important and good work of the Steering Committee:

Chad Centorbi, Co-Chair

Bob Fasl, Business Manager

Megan (McGraugh ’78) Horner, Educator

Timothy Horner, 46th Head of School

Bob Lampen, Educator

Shawn Leight, Board of Trustees Chair

Melissa (King ’93) Setser, Co-Chair

Maureen Stoll, Educator