Middle School

Middle School Scholarships

We are pleased to announce, need-based scholarships for students entering grades 5-7. A total of 10 scholarship awards will support current Academy students and new mission-appropriate students through the following criteria:

  • Financial need-based qualification established by submission of tax documents
  • Well-rounded students who demonstrate academic excellence and participation in school life
  • Character and faith through interviews and written submissions

The Scholarship awards will range between $2,000 and $4,000, may not be combined with other financial awards, and are renewable based on academic and social performance. We are pleased to announce the Jane Cannon Legacy of Love and Learning Endowed Scholarship and the Sacred Heart Scholarship. 


Jane Cannon Legacy of Love and Learning Endowed Scholarship

Jane Cannon was a treasured member of the Academy of the Sacred Heart community for more than 40 years. She served in a variety of roles, as Latin, English and French teacher to Lower School Coordinator to Development Director, Hospitality Director, and Alumni Director. Her endeavors within the Academy community have endeared her to countless Academy students, parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends.

Jane did everything with love for St. Philippine Duchesne’s school. Her ultimate gift in preparation for our Bicentennial in 2018 was to write the Academy's history: Two Hundred Years: A Legacy of Love and Learning. Jane whole-heartedly believed that an Academy education is the best gift one can give one’s children. Now, through a generous initial gift from her estate, a scholarship has been established in her memory with a plan to create a $200,000 Endowment in perpetuity. 

The indelible mark that Jane left on the Academy and the lives she blessed is only equaled by her love. Her legacy at the Academy is extraordinary and for that legacy to benefit the lives of future Academy students would fulfill her deepest wish. Jane poured her heart into the Academy of the Sacred Heart, and we hope to honor her legacy by ensuring it lives on for generations to come.


Sacred Heart Scholarship

With an initial gift from an anonymous donor to build enrollment in our Middle School, we have established the Sacred Heart Scholarship. 

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