WE DID IT! We EXCEEDED the 165 unique donor goal to qualify for $100 per unique donor from our most generous Challenge gift donors!!

We did not march... we ran! This year’s March for the Heart appeal was historic and record breaking, all because of you, our loyal donors! As of 3/22/2024, March for the Heart has raised $100,039 in donations, pledges and matching gift pledges from 191 unique donors!!

A special thank you to our anonymous challenge gift donors who provided not one but two different challenge gift opportunities, both of which were exceeded to qualify the Academy for the two challenge gifts!

Our entire Academy community came together to make this year’s March for the Heart Alumni and Family Giving Challenge such a success! In addition to alumni, our “family” included parents and grandparents of alumni, current parents and grandparents, RSCJ, current and former Board of Trustees, current and former faculty and staff as well friends of the Academy. Alumni spanned 65 years from the Class of 1958 to the Class of 2023. We are truly one family that came together to make an enormous impact on our students, faculty and school.



20 more unique donors to go! 145 unique donors including those previous 2024 March for the Heart donors who made additional donations today!

WE HAVE SOME GREAT NEWS! Our challenge donors ARE STEPPING IN AGAIN WITH ANOTHER CHALLENGE to help us reach our goal of 165 unique donors. If we meet the goal of 165 unique donors, they will give us a $100 PER UNIQUE DONOR to a MINIMUM of 165 UNIQUE donors for an ADDITIONAL MINIMUM DONATION OF $16,500!!

And, THERE'S MORE GOOD NEWS! Anyone who donates TODAY, even if they've already given to this year's M4TH prior to today, will be considered an additional unique donor per the request of the Challenge donors!!! So let's MARCH FOR THE HEART and exceed 165 unique donors!

So DONATE TODAY and help spread the word to EVERYONE you know!

March for the Heart ends at midnight, March 17/2024. Donate by then online or mail in your gift the week of March 18, 2024 for your gift to be counted towards this amazing challenge! Thank you for your support!!


WE DID IT! We are so EXCITED to announce we reached OUR FIRST goal of meeting our $20,000 Matching Gift Challenge offered by a generous, anonymous Alumni Donor! Because of this, we were able to DOUBLE your $20,000 to $40,000! A special thank you to everyone who helped us meet this challenge!!


The March Continues… because our TOTAL GOAL for March for the Heart this year is $100,000 from 165 donors! We are over halfway there and have until MIDNIGHT on MARCH 17 to meet our total goal! Every gift is important and impactful. Please make your donation today, then help us spread the word to your Academy family and friends to March for the Heart! Thank you!

This year our March for the Heart goal is $100,000 from 165 donors! This Challenge Gift can help us achieve that goal, but we need your help to accomplish that! Every gift is important and impactful. Please make your donation today, then help us spread the word to your Academy family and friends to March for the Heart! Thank you!

This year, March for the Heart again seeks support far and wide from our alumni and parent of alumni community. Please GIVE, ASK and SHARE:

GIVE to this year’s March for the Heart Alumni & Family Giving Challenge.

ASK at least three people -- classmates, ASH friends, family members, parents of alumni -- to participate.

SHARE our March for the Heart communications and social media posts (Alumni Facebook and Instagram) during the appeal which runs through Sunday, March 17. 

Choices, Choices, Choices! Last year you appreciated more giving options, so we are happy to give you three donation choices again this year:

  • Marcia Renken Endowment for Faculty Professional Development— This new endowment was created in recognition and gratitude of the Academy’s alumna and longtime principal Marcia (Baronovic ’72, 8th) Renken’s retirement at the end of this school year. Marcia's dedication to the Academy and passion for an exceptional faculty lives on with this endowment. Make a gift today in honor of Marcia Renken, or in honor/memory of one of your favorite faculty -- present or past!  
  • Jane Cannon Legacy of Love and Learning Endowed Scholarship — This scholarship was established in 2022 in Jane’s memory with a plan to create a $200,000 endowment in perpetuity. We have raised more than $156,000 already but need your help to meet the goal. During the 2023-24 school year two students are benefiting from this scholarship. Make an impact that will last a lifetime by donating today! To learn more, click  here.
  • Annual Fund  — The Annual Fund is the foundation of giving for the Academy and provides unrestricted funds to support the operating budget which gives the school the most flexibility. Your gift today to the Annual Fund is impactful and truly appreciated!  

MARCH for the HEART launches Friday, March 1 but you can help us get off to a fantASHtic start and make your gift early at the link below. Thank you for supporting the Academy!

There are several ways to give: 

  1. With our online donation form!
  2. By check (payable to Academy of the Sacred Heart; mail to 619 N. Second Street, St. Charles, MO 63301
  3. With credit card by phone: 636-946-5632
  4. Via Venmo @ash1818 (use “3549” if asked for last 4 digits of phone number)

The Academy's quality education, guided by the Five Goals and Criteria, aptly and holistically prepared me for my future and opened my eyes to the beauty of God's Love and Creation across the Earth.

― Anonymous ‘14 

I cherish my education at the Academy, and I feel that along with academic studies I benefited from a firm discipline and a genuine concern for each student.

― Karen (Ohlms ’67) Emge  

Current Total:


Goal (by March 17):


Thank you to our donors!

Anonymous (14)

Jack '80 and Sandy Ahlheim

Don and Cindy Albert

Becky Albrecht

Jillian Alexander '18

Alyson (Keire '72 - 8th) and Peter Angus

John Artman

Melissa (McGraugh '73) Barnason

Jeannine and Don Bastean

Judie (Jakie '75) and Jim Beatty

Jared and Micki Beucke

Diane (Carroll '76) and Mike Boerding

Mary Kay Brady '63

Mary Beth (Baronovic '77) and Ray Bulte

Ann (Carroll '78) and Jim Butler

Beverly Byrd

Danielle Cabezas-Velasquez '04

Elizabeth (Henke '80) Campbell

Angie Cannon '74 and Ed Hatcher

Carol Cannon '77

Erin Cannon-Chave '85

Anne Carey '72 - 8th

Mary Charlotte Chandler, RSCJ

Donna Checkett '72 - 12th

Katie (Blattel '93) and Don Christopher

Sharon (Bangert '69) Corcoran

Cathy Crofton '65

Doc Crotzer '98

Pradeep and Swapna Daripally

Mary (Berglund '72 - 9th) and Ed Dickinson

Dennis and Janis Dougherty

Maggie Dougherty '03

Colleen Dowd '80

Dave and Barbara Dubois

Bill and Kelly Dulle

Charla (Niccoli '75) & Dan Dziedzic

Rose Dziedzic '04

Mariah Echele '78

Katie Edwards

Karen (Ohlms '67) and Dale Emge

Barbara (Beste '65) Esstman

Shannon Farrell '93

Rosemary (Artman'72 - 8th) and Bob Fasl

Thomas Fasl

Joey Fasl

Patrick Fasl

Verna Fasl

Claire Felder '82

James and Lisa Ford

Jeanette (Schultehenrich '62) Garrison

Olivia Gattuso

Ashley (Weber '94) Gebhard

Amelia and Nick Gorman

Joanne Haake

John and Libby Hagene

Sheila Hammond, RSCJ

Ani Haroian '08

Laura (Mullen '76) & Ed Haroian

Angie Cannon '74 and Ed Hatcher

Katy (Vornberg '94) and Brian Hess

Madeleine Hess '22

Michelle (Romo '72 - 8th) and Steven Hieger

Mary Kay (Malinee '72 - 8th) Horan

Tim and Robynn Horner

Megan (McGraugh '78) and David Horner

Collin Horner

Alexander Horner '10

Jeff Horton

Cindy and Larry Johnson

Kathy Johnson

Mike and Ursula Jostedt

Becky (King '84) and Joe Keglewitsch

Sandra and Ed King

Karl, Meghan and Isabel '20 King

Mary Beth King '97

Beth (Hettich '77) and Dale Kluba

Lauren (Foley '87) and Scott Kolbe

Louise (Weber '99) and Phil Kuhlmann

Shawn and Liz Leight

John Lenox '13

Andy Linsenmeyer '96

Jeff and Heather Locker

Barb Luczkowski '72 - 12th

Lisa (Meirose '87) and Brian Luetkemeyer

Amy (Kling '95) and Joe Madej

Evelyn (Pena '80) Magliari

Pam Makarewicz

Bonnie (Mullen '67) and Michael McCarty

Jan and Wayne McCosker

Mishi (Karst '69) McCoy

Kelly McInnis '95

Steve and Lynn McKinstry

Bill and Jane McLaughlin

Jeanne (Buerges '72 - 8th) Middleton

Amanda Miles '12

Jesse (Metcalf '93) and Matt Miller

Sharon Mitsler

Julie Montgomery

Cindy Moore

Matt and Tori Muenks

Margaret Munch, RSCJ

The Jeffrey Murphy Family

Rita Nelson

Adam Nelson

Karen (Knoblauch '74) Neylon

Mike and Lila Noble

Nancy (Kister '62) and Richard Ochs

Jeanne (Burke '69) O'Fallon

Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ '58

Steven and Katie Palazzolo

Kathleen (Carroll '85) and Mike Parvis

Jerry and Debbie Pashia

Karen Perrone

Adriana Perrone '02

Brenda (Guthrie '72 - 10th) and Doug Peterson

Mary Jo (Trudell '65) Pini

Tim ('97) and Roberta (Boschert '95) Piper

Julie (Boschert '72 - 8th) and Al Poelker

Deni (Heitmann '72 - 12th) & Jimmy Pool

Tara Quackenbush '89

Neale (Keirle '77) and Don Rebman

Marcia (Baronovic '72 - 8th) Renken

Clara (Hughes '09) and Nick Sallwasser

Alexandra Sanchez '06

Bill and Jaycyn Schnell

Mary Frances (Flynn '72 - 12th) Scholl

Michelle (Thro '76) & Joe Schrick

Nancy (Zak '71) and Mark Schwartz

Marissa (Weeks '94) Segundo

Melissa (King '93) and Justin Setser

Kristin and Eben Shantz

Julie (Schieszer '61) Siderfin

Elizabeth Grygo and David Smith

Ann (Thirolf '70) and Larry Spieth

Jerry and Angie Stauder

Suzanne Steinmetz '89

Ivy (McClure '90) and Bo Stewart

Clair Stewart '19

Callum Stewart '16

Alexiz Rodriguez and Adam Still

Bruno and Susan Stopka

Laurie (Kirchoff '76) Strickland

Bobby Strickland '05

Chad and Jackie Swagman

Linda (Dreste '80) and Jim Szweda

Ernest Tebbe

Lisa Tebbe '80 and John Powell

Dan and Jody Pund

Carol (Wright '60) and James Temme

Todd and Meg Thomas

Haley '09, Nick, 10, Emily '15 and TJ '16 Thomas

Tina Thornton

Jean-Marc ( '88) and Andriana Thro

Jourdy Thro '92

Donna (Swanter '80) Tobin

Ann (Johannesman '72 - 8th) and Kevin Tollefson

Ami (Albert '02) and John Upton

Madeleine Vatterott-Mori '72 - 8th

Julie (Tierney '85) Vetter

Don and Ann Wappelhorst

Carla Wappelhorst

Mike ('91) and Jessica Weeks

Francie (Linsenmeyer '94) Weidinger

Amber (Peterson '94) and Jamie Westerson

Annual Fund Giving Levels:

Academy Circle $10,000+

Sugar Creek Circle $5,000 - $9,999

Florissant Circle $2,500 - $4,999

Duquette Circle $1,818 - $2,499

New Orleans $1,000  -$1,817

Paris $500 - $999

Sainte Marie $250 - $499

Grenoble $100 - $249

Friends up to $99

Thank you so much for your support of March for the HEART, our first Alumni Annual Fund Challenge! March for the HEART is now closed. Gifts to the Annual Fund are still gratefully received, however they will not count toward class participation for this specific contest. To give, please click here.