March for the Heart – Academy of the Sacred Heart

March for the Heart 2022

Academy alums have raised more than $45,000 for the 2021-22 Annual Fund prior to the start of March for the Heart. Now in its fourth year, our Alumni Annual Fund Challenge seeks to boost overall alum participation and gifts to the Annual Fund. Thanks to our generous Academy alums, last year we raised $19,188 during this 2-week campaign from nearly 140 donors!

We are grateful to the Class of 1962 who  had the highest participation in 2021 March for the Heart with 52%! As recognition, they received an engraved paver on our front terrace.

This year, our goal is $25,000 from 150 alums! Your gift in any amount benefits every Academy student, every day. Please make your donation today, then help us spread the word to your Academy friends to March for the Heart! Thank you!

There are several ways to give:

  1. Via Venmo @ash1818 (use “3549” if asked for last 4 digits of phone number)
  2. By check (payable to Academy of the Sacred Heart; mail to 619 N. Second Street, St. Charles, MO 63301)
  3. With credit card by phone: 636-946-5632
  4. With our online donation form below!

I can’t imagine where I would be without the gift of ASH and I thank my parents every day.
― Nancy Zak Schwartz ’71

What an extraordinary education we received … Amazing preparation for life.
― Carolyn Sugg Sherman ’62

For two consecutive years, the Class of ’72 (8th) had the highest participation in March for the Heart! We are grateful for our alumni participation!

Current total: $14,275 Goal (by March 31): $25,000

Thank you to our donors!

Christian Thro ’20
Clair Stewart ’19
Jillian Alexander ’18
Abby Jordan ’18
Zoe Grotjan ’17
Berkeley Rebman ’17
Alex Thro ’17
Callum Stewart ’16
Matilda Keeven-Glascock ’15
Matthew Stauder ’14
Peter Tollefson ’13
Sophie Tollefson ’12
Kristen Buckles ’11
Mary Tollefson ’10
Mark Ficken ’09
Ani Haroian ’08
Alexandra Sanchez ’06
Brittany Tyree Ransom ’05
Danielle Cabezas-Velasquez ’04
Rose Dziedzic ’04
Nick Szoko ’04
Louise Weber Kuhlmann ’99
Andrew Linsenmeyer ’96
Kelly McInnis ’95
Francie Linsenmeyer Weidinger ’94
Stephanie Szoko Meyer ’94
Pedro Linsenmeyer ’93
Jourdy Thro ’92
Suzanne Steinmetz ’89
Kimberly Barks Staten ’88
Jean-Marc Thro ’88
Lauren Foley Kolbe ’87
John Linsenmeyer ’85
Julie Tierney Vetter ’85
Becky King Keglewitsch ’84
Russ Clever ’83
Katie Linsenmeyer Malia ’82
Colleen Dowd ’80
Linda Dreste Szweda ’80
Lisa Tebbe ’80
Donna Swantner Tobin ’80
Cheryl Vogt Bunch ’79
Ann Carroll Butler ’78
Mariah Echele ’78
Carol Tinger Swiecicki ’78
Neale Keirle Rebman ’77
Diane Carroll Boerding ’76
Laura Mullen Haroian ’76
Charla Niccoli Dziedzic ’75
Melissa McGraugh Barnason ’73
Mary Kay Malinee Horan ’72 8th
Julie Boschert Poelker ’72 8th
Marcia Baronovic Renken ’72 8th
Ann Johannesman Tollefson ’72 8th
Mary Berglund Dickinson ’72 9th
Martha Morris Kendall ’72 9th
Brenda Guthrie Peterson ’72 10th
Donna Checkett ’72 12th
Barb Luczkowski ’72 12th
Beth Klaric Metcalf ’72 12th
JoAnn Graveman Trogdon ’72 12th
Beverly Zoellner Groneck ’69
Conchy Fajardo-Hopkins ’69
Nanny Lorenz ’69
Debbie Moellering ’69
Micheline Karst McCoy ’69
Jeanne Burke O’Fallon ’69
Frances Vatterott ’69
Karen Ohlms Emge ’67
Anne Grace Young Lewis ’67
Bonnie Mullen McCarty ’67
Cathy Crofton ’65
Barbara Beste Esstman ’65
Ann O’Shaughnessy Flynn ’64
Mary Trampe Schulte ’64
Beth Arnott Barrere ’62
Jeanette Schultehenrich Garrison ’62
Nancy Kister Ochs ’62
Carolyn Sugg Sherman ’62
Julie Schieszer Siderfin ’61
Carol Wright Temme ’60
Kathleen Burkemper Hopper ’57
Ann Garrison – alumni friend
Stacy Shoemake – alumni friend

Annual Fund Giving Levels:

Academy Circle $10,000+

Sugar Creek Circle $5,000 – $9,999

Florissant Circle $2,500 – $4,999

Duquette Circle $1,818 – $2,499

New Orleans $1,000  -$1,817

Paris $500 – $999

Sainte Marie $250 – $499

Grenoble $100 – $249

Friends up to $99


  • $0.00

Thank you so much for your support of March for the HEART, our first Alumni Annual Fund Challenge! March for the HEART is now closed. Gifts to the Annual Fund are still gratefully received, however they will not count toward class participation for this specific contest. To give, please click here.