March for the Heart


Together, we raised more than $85,000 from 156 donors for this year’s March for the Heart! Thank you to our alumni, parents of alumni, current parents and grandparents, and friends of the Academy who helped us accomplish this record-breaking amount!!

From our two anonymous challenge gift donors to each one of our donors, you came together to truly MARCH for the heart. Thank you for giving, asking, and sharing!

Through our partnership, we are advancing our mission of educating and inspiring the heart and mind of each child to become a courageous and confident leader who knows and loves God, and who reveals that love by serving others.


Now in its fifth year, our annual Alumni Giving Challenge is changing things up in three big ways!

  • Expanding the appeal to Alumni AND Family
  • Adding more giving options
  • Securing TWO challenge gifts!

ALUMNI AND FAMILY– The more, the merrier! As alumni, we ask you to GIVE to this year’s March for the Heart Alumni & Family Giving Challenge. Next, we encourage you to personally ASK at least three people from your family, alums you know, and friends to participate. And finally, SHARE our March for the Heart communications and social media posts during this two-week appeal.

GIVING CHOICES – Choices, choices, choices! You asked for it and we are happy to give you three donation choices this year.

  • Annual Fund – The Annual Fund is the foundation of giving for the Academy and provides unrestricted funds to support the operating budget which gives the school the most flexibility. The Annual Fund is used for textbooks to technology to teacher classroom needs…helping us to advance our mission of educating and inspiring the heart and mind of each child.
  • Jane Cannon Legacy of Love and Learning Endowed Scholarship – Through a generous initial gift from her estate, a scholarship has been established in Jane Cannon’s memory with a plan to create a $200,000 Endowment in perpetuity. Jane’s three daughters have also funded the first two years of awards for this scholarship. Join with others to honor the legacy of our beloved Jane Cannon! For more information about this new scholarship, click here.
  • Repairs/Maintenance to the Primary and Science Wings – The Primary Wing and Science Wing are in need of some major repairs and maintenance. We need your assistance to make this happen. Just as those before us who helped fund repairs and improvements to the beautiful Academy campus that we know today, please consider paying it forward by giving to this important cause.


There is a pot of gold over the rainbow! We were so blessed this year with not one but two challenge gifts totaling $35,000 which helped propel the appeal to new heights. The first $25,000 received from donors was matched dollar for donor with the initial $25,000 challenge gift. The next $10,000 from new donors to March for the Heart helped us lock in the additional $10,000 challenge gift we received. All this, your continued support, and the matching gift requests submitted total over $85,000! 

A very special thank you goes out to our generous, anonymous challenge gift alumni family donors. Your leadership gifts made a huge impact on this appeal and, more so, on the Academy. 

Interested in being a future challenge gift donor? Contact Tim Horner, Head of School, or Cindy Johnson, Director of Advancement, at 636-946-6127. Or reach them by email at or 


Want to be part of March for the Heart?

Make your gift to the 2023 March for the Heart campaign as listed below. Gifts are encouraged through 4/15/2023. Thank you! 

There are several ways to give:

  1. With our online donation form (Venmo, PayPal, and Credit Cards accepted)!
  2. By check (payable to Academy of the Sacred Heart; mail to 619 N. Second Street, St. Charles, MO 63301)
  3. With credit card by phone: (636) 946-5632
  4. Make your donation even more impactful by submitting a matching gift request to your employer.

I have too many words to share here! Suffice it to say my ASH education is the basis of so many beautiful things I’ve been able to experience and achieve in my lifetime. -Jenni Iverson ’84


The Academy of the Sacred Heart has been my home away from home for many years. Having been both a parent and a teacher, I will always remember this holy place with love and gratitude. -Jeannine Bastean 


Thanks to the Class of 1969 – with highest participation for 2022! We are grateful for our alumni participation!

Stay tuned for which class had the highest participation for 2023…

Preliminary FINAL total including

challenge gifts, & matching gift pledges: $85,355

Challenge Gifts: $35,000

Thank you to our donors!

All Faculty & Staff
Anonymous (16)
Jack ’80 and Sandy Ahlheim
Jillian Alexander ’18
Soraya Alizadeh
Alyson (Keirle ’72 8th) and Peter Angus 
Melissa (McGraugh ’73) Barnason
Don & Jeannine Bastean
Judie (Jakle ’75) and Jim Beatty
Diane (Carroll ’76) and Mike Boerding
Mary Kay Brady ’63
Carrie Brooks ’08
Jackie (Reuber ’85) and Steve Bueg
Mary Beth (Baronovic ’77) and Ray Bulte
Ann (Carroll ’78) and Jim Butler
Danielle Cabezas-Velasquez ’04
Beth (Henke ’80) Campbell 
Angie Cannon ’74 and Ed Hatcher
Carol Cannon ’77
Anne Carey (’72 8th)
Emma Chave
Erin (Cannon ’85) and Jean-Louis Chave
Louis Chave
Donna Checkett ’72 12th 
Russ ’83 and Julie Clever
Cathy Crofton ’65
Lisa (Schneider ’73) Delicath
Mary (Berglund ’72 9th) and Ed Dickinson
Colleen Dowd ’80
Bill and Kelly Dulle
Andrew Dziedzic ’07
Charla (Niccoli ’75) and Dan Dziedzic
Rose Dziedzic (’04)
Mariah Echele ’78
Mary (Forstmann ’72 8th) Ecsedy
Karen (Ohlms ’67) and Dale Emge
Barbara (Beste ’65) Esstman
Conchy Fajardo-Hopkins ’69
Joey Fasl
Katherine Fasl
Rosemany (Artman ’72 8th) and Bob Fasl
Andrew Ficken ‘14
Mark Ficken ‘09
Ann Garrison
Frank and Jami Gattuso
Olivia Gattuso
Maryse Gérard 
Matilda Glascock ’15
Mary Glenn
Amelia Gorman
Bridget Grojean ’12
Meghan Grojean ’09
Stephen and Michelle Grojean
Zoe Grotjan ’17
Ani Haroian ‘08
Laura (Mullen ’76) and Ed Haroian
Katy (Vornberg ’94) Hess
Madeleine Hess ‘22
Michelle (Romo ’72 8th) and Steve Hieger
Stephanie Hoff ’85
Aggie Hoormann, RSCJ ’57
Kathleen (Burkemper ’57) Hopper
Mary Kay (Malinee ’72 8th) Horan
 Alexander Horner ’10
Megan (McGraugh ’78) and David Horner
Tim and Robynn Horner
Jeff Horton
Jenni Iverson ’84 
Cindy and Larry Johnson
Victoria and Roy Jordan
Mary Jost ’69
Henry and Jill Kruse
Jackie (Frasca ’72 12th) Kwon 
Robert Lampen
Colleen Leahy
John Lenox ’13
Anne (Young ’67) Lewis
Andrew Linsenmeyer ’96
John Linsenmeyer ’85
Barb Luczkowski ’72 12th
Evelyn (Pena ’80) Magliari
Bonnie (Mullen ’67) and Michael McCarty
Janis and Wayne McCosker 
Mishi (Karst ’69) McCoy
Kelly McInnis ’95
Bill and Jane McLaughlin
Bill and Tina McWhorter
Beth (Klaric ’72 12th) and Cliff Metcalf
Jeanne (Buerges ’72 8th) Middleton
Jessi (Metcalf ’93) and Matt Miller 
Margaret Munch, RSCJ
Rita Nelson
Joe and Betsy Nunn
Nancy (Kister ’62) and Richard Ochs
Jeanne (Burke ’69) O’Fallon
Adriana Perrone ’02
Karen Perrone
Brenda (Guthrie ’72 10th) and Doug Peterson
  Courtney (Todt ’04) Podkowa 
 Julie (Boschert ’72 8th) and Al Poelker 
Denise (Heitmann ’72 12th) and Jimmy Pool
John and Diane Prinster
Tara Quackenbush ’89
Neale (Keirle ’77) and Don Rebman
Berkeley Rebman ’17
  Marcia (Baronovic ’72 8th) Renken
Donna (Meyer ’80) and Steve Roach (’80)
Alexandra Sanchez ’06
Edgardo and Linda Sanchez
Scarlett Sanchez ’11
Lesa and Phil Schmidt
Jaycyn Schnell
Michelle (Thro ’76) and Joe Schrick
Nancy (Zak ’71) and Mark Schwartz
Julie (Schieszer ’61) Siderfin
Brett ’04 and Hannah Siegfried
Ann (Horowitz ’74) and Bill Slaughter
Kimberly (Barks ’88) and Dale Staten
Suzanne Steinmetz ’89
Callum Stewart ’16
Clair Stewart ’19
Athena Strother ’11
Tammy and Todd Strother 
Chad and Jaclyn Swagman 
Joelene (Weber ’78) and Kevin Swearingen
Linda (Dreste ’80) Szweda
Ernest Tebbe 
Lisa Tebbe ’80 and John Powell
Sharon Tebbe
Debbie (Ackerman ’72 12th) and Steven Tharpe
Meg Thomas
Alex Thro ’17
Christian Thro ’20
Jean-Marc ’88 and Andriana Thro
Donna (Swantner ’80) Tobin 
Ann (Johannesman ’72 8th) and Kevin Tollefson
Julie (Tierney ’85) and Joe Vetter 
Mike and Rose Ann Weeks
Francie (Linsenmeyer ’94) Weidinger
Rose (Thro ’73) Wells
Carolyn (Burkemper ’60) Westermann
Noel and Bonnie Weyerich
Mary Pat White, RSCJ ’59

Annual Fund Giving Levels:

Academy Circle $10,000+

Sugar Creek Circle $5,000 – $9,999

Florissant Circle $2,500 – $4,999

Duquette Circle $1,818 – $2,499

New Orleans $1,000  -$1,817

Paris $500 – $999

Sainte Marie $250 – $499

Grenoble $100 – $249

Friends up to $99

Thank you so much for your support of March for the HEART, our first Alumni Annual Fund Challenge! March for the HEART is now closed. Gifts to the Annual Fund are still gratefully received, however they will not count toward class participation for this specific contest. To give, please click here.