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September 7, 2023

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This year, joining the Academy team as Director of Admissions has been remarkable. This is a school community unlike any I have been a part of during my 20 years in education. The warm welcomes, the rich traditions, the clear goals, the collaborative teammates – students, staff, and faculty alike – have been motivating and inspiring since day one.

Now, we are kicking off admissions season at the Academy, which happens to coincide with the Kansas City Chiefs kicking off the NFL season. As a Kansas Citian and independent, Catholic school proponent, I am fired up for BOTH the NFL game tonight and our admissions season kick-off Open House on Tuesday, September 12 at 9 a.m.. Each of you is a star player in Academy admissions: prospective parents hearing about the Academy from you is the key to an epic admissions season and helping us work toward Goal 4 of Sacred Heart education – building community.

Let’s huddle up, Academy team! We are in our fourth week of school. We are flexible. We are warmed up. We are ready for this moment. It’s our time to shine. We’re all in this together, and here is how each of you plays a role in Academy admissions right now.

Everyone, please share both our Academy Facebook and Instagram posts regarding our fall admissions events. Please consider including a message as you share each social media post. “Don’t miss out on these chances to tour our school and meet with Academy faculty and staff!”

Pick two friends whose children don’t currently attend the Academy and personally invite them to a specific September or October admissions event.

Thank you for being part of the best admissions team this side of the Mississippi. Get ready for a great season, Academy!

Jennifer Quick, Director of Admissions (pictured with Student Ambassador members)

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