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September 22, 2022

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Last week, students in Fifth-Eighth Classes were excited to resume their Service Learning Program after a two-year hiatus. Their service at various sites in the community — from visiting the elderly to working at the Food Bank, to working with young children, other abled individuals, and older adults — is a direct response to Goal 3: a social awareness which impels to action. Through their service and by being present to others, students are revealing the heart of Christ. Below, we share some of their reflections:

“When I was at my service site, Senior and Company, it was a great experience. I really enjoyed having conversations with the residents. One of the residents was a military veteran, and we had a fun time playing Bingo. All the people were very welcoming, and they enjoyed our company. I had a amazing experience and I look forward to going there again next month.”

— Matthew, Seventh Class

“I loved going to Mount Carmel because the residents were so sweet and so kind. My favorite thing I did was play Left-Right-Center because they were so happy for each other when someone won, and it was so sweet. I truly loved praying the rosary with them also.”

— Elizabeth, Fifth Class

“I had a great new experience talking to the elderly and playing Bingo with them. It brought me so much joy talking with them and having them share their experiences and thoughts with me. I was so happy to see how much joy I brought them by just talking to them.”

— JR, Seventh Class

“I really enjoyed going to Mount Carmel because we played a fun game and said the rosary with the residents. I also made a few friends. The inside was really nice, especially the chapel. I can’t wait to go again.”

— Kaylin, Fifth Class