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October 6, 2022

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Last week, Seventh and Eighth Class students departed for Camp Lakewood, an annual favorite tradition that provides our students a wonderful opportunity to grow in confidence and leadership. Through this program, classes build a special sense of community through team-building activities, archery, challenge courses, ziplining and, of course, time around a campfire. Below students reflect about this time together.

I really liked the experience doing activities with all of my friends, getting to know them better and building a stronger community .We focused on leadership skills and how to improve. My favorite part was the Alpine Rescue — we argued a little bit, but we worked it out and figured out new tactics. Our class is already really strong in relationships, but it made our bond stronger. We are better as a unit.

— Jackson Harris, 8th Class

I think we built stronger relationships because we got plenty of chances for team building. At first we didn’t work as well together, but by the end we improved a lot. It was a bit tougher than last year, but when we focused on them, we were able to get the challenges done. I also liked that we bonded a lot playing board games and got to know our teachers better.

— Michael Luna, 8th Class

It was a good experience because we worked together with our classmates. We got to know each other better and form new friendships. We explored opportunities we wouldn’t have on campus like rock climbing, zip lining and the challenge course. I’m looking forward to next year!

— Shreeya Shelar, 7th Class

Camp Lakewood was more fun than I expected. We saw no technology, so just getting away from my phone helped me a lot. The Alpine Rescue, team building and challenge courses were my favorites. Our class is already very good friends, but we grew even closer and learned about each other. I think we made the bond stronger, so we can become better friends after ASH.

— Brady Locker, 7th Class

The fog in the early morning on the lake was awesome. It would shift like a curtain. I liked going as a class and being there with all my friends. We already get along very well, but this experience actually made it better. I know that bond that ASH helps us create carries over to high school and college. This experience gives you a better emotional understanding of each other.

— JR Davis, 7th Class

On the last day, we did rock climbing and zip lining. I am not a big fan of heights, but my classmates were cheering me on and saying, ‘it’s ok, we know you can do it,’ and I eventually made it to the top and overcame that fear. I liked that they were there to encourage me to keep going.

— Alara McLeane, 7th Class