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October 5, 2023

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Last week, Seventh and Eighth Class students spent a few days at Camp Lakewood, an annual favorite tradition that provides students an unforgettable opportunity to grow in confidence and leadership. This program helps build a special sense of community through team-building activities, archery, challenge courses, ziplining and, of course, time around a campfire. Below students reflect about this time together.

When I was at Camp Lakewood, I had one of the best experiences of my life. My class played against the Seventh boys in volleyball. We also climbed the Alpine Tower. I really enjoyed doing all the activities but my favorite part of Camp Lakewood was when we would cheer on our classmates when they were climbing. Even though Camp Lakewood had many bugs, I really enjoyed being there, and I can’t wait to go back next year.

— Isabella Boettler ’25

Camp Lakewood was so fun, and there were so many activities like climbing, hiking, obstacle climbing, archery, and sitting around the campfire. My favorite part was hiking while waiting for activities. The scenery was beautiful and the hike was challenging but not too challenging. The camp volunteers were very kind and made you feel like they really cared. The campfire was especially fun because we sang songs, ate s’mores, and talked.

— Wyatt Powell ’25

Lakewood is a memory I, and many others, will never forget. The time we spent together as a grade, and as a whole community, helped us build stronger relationships. The campfire talks we had as eighth graders were so memorable. It was fun to reminisce on the years and experiences we had at ASH. I can’t forget the fun team building challenges we faced, and how we overcame them as a class (especially Alpine Rescue). The past two years, spending time at Camp Lakewood as a class has helped me learn more about my classmates and brought us closer together. I am very grateful for the community we have built and the opportunities we have experienced. I look forward to the rest of the time I have here at ASH. 

— Logan Brown ’24

Lakewood really helped us bond, not only with our class, but also with the Eighth boys and Seventh grade. I spent time with people who I don’t usually get to talk to and learned a lot about students and teachers. I really enjoyed the ending campfire on our last night. We reflected on our time at ASH whether you’ve been here since Pre-Primary or just started last year. I also enjoyed activities with the entire grade, to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and work with others. We had a ton of laughs and fun times at Lakewood. 

— Kayla Hess ’24

I have really enjoyed going to Lakewood these past two years. Lakewood has bonded my class extremely, whether we were climbing the Alpine Tower or doing team bonding exercises. My favorite activity was the Alpine Rescue because it challenged us all and made us think. When you are bunking with your classmates you learn a lot of new things about them and bond with them even more than you do at school. I am very grateful for the experience that I had to go to Lakewood, and I will cherish those memories forever.  

— Gabby Johannesman ’24

I love going to Camp Lakewood, and it makes me have a closer relationship with my classmates. It also allows me to experience more events that the Seventh and Eighth graders experience exclusively. One of the events was Alpine Rescue, which, to not spoil too much of it, we had to rescue a medical stretcher through a series of challenges. Another activity was team building, which was where we had to do a simple task but the counselor added a challenge to it to make it more difficult. During the campfire we each took turns telling a story and then throwing a stick into the fire. I loved going to Camp Lakewood because it was a good overnight field trip to relax and think back on my time here at the Academy. I had so much fun, and wished I could go again with my classmates and relive those memories. 

— Cameron Weeks ’24