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October 13, 2022

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I want to share a few brief stories about our school.

Today it was an honor to host Luty Madero, RSCJ and Annette Muench (pictured) from our Sacred Heart School in Mexico City. Our guests shared that our students and faculty left a memorable impression, and I understood why.

I watched our students stand up during class to welcome and greet our guests. I saw the videos our guests shared with their Sacred Heart students in Mexico City. I was impressed by the thoughtful questions our students asked our guests, and even more impressed by the answers of students to the questions they received. I am so proud and appreciative of our students!

A favorite part of every day for me is dismissal. Today a student informed me that the best part of their day was math. While I hear recess defined as the favorite part of the day a bit more often, academic subject matters is mentioned with frequency. That will always make a Head of School smile. Today I also watched an Eighth Class student carefully share the football with a First Class friend, reminding me that the care of our older students for the younger children is constant.

The volunteers for Country Fair and the Academy Classic Golf Tournament have left me speechless. I recognize the affirmation of our community and our values in their time and talent. This past weekend, I was amazed by the efforts that came to fruition, as countless Academy families, alumni, parents of alumni, neighbors and friends filled our campus for a wonderful weekend dedicated to community. While my gratitude seems inadequate, it is deeply heartfelt. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support of this extraordinary school!

In closing, I want to extend an invitation to please join us on:

  • Friday, November 4 for the Annual Fund Kick-Off party. Our goal is a great turn-out to celebrate our community.
  • Thursday, November 9 for the General PCC meeting. We will share the results of the Parent Pulse survey and other school news.

Each day, I am aware of the honor it is to serve as the 46th Head of School. I am indeed the happiest person on campus!

With gratitude for this remarkable community,
Tim Horner