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November 2, 2023

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As we enter the season of gratitude — and anticipate the Feast of St. Philippine Duchesne — this week we share notes from Eighth Class students. As leaders of the school, they were recently asked to write to Academy donors who are members of the Philippine Society and Board of Trustees. Their heartfelt messages are filled with appreciation for their Academy education as well as gratitude for the generosity of our philanthropic leaders. 

The Academy greatly appreciates your generosity toward it. Our wonderful school has helped me to become a more thoughtful and compassionate person, and your kindness contributed. We are truly grateful for all you have done.

— Concetta ’24

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have poured into the Academy of the Sacred Heart. Your support is greatly appreciated, and is critical to the continued growth of our school. I have benefited unimaginably from the school as a young man in my nine years at the Academy. I have made so many life-long friends and your support has made a big impact on our school. I also appreciate the inclusive community that the faculty and students have created. Thank you for all that you do.

— JR ’24

During my time at the Academy, I have learned to have a faithful spirit and a generous heart. Thank you for your generosity and support in making the Academy of the Sacred Heart an amazing school and community. We truly appreciate what you have done!

— Maha ’24

Thank you for the time and effort that you have given to the Academy of the Sacred Heart. With your support, the Academy has become a place where all students can grow and develop. Your generosity is deeply appreciated by the school community. I have benefited in so many ways throughout my 10 years at the Academy. Every year has been an experience to remember, and I have many fond memories. I have challenged myself, set and achieved a variety of goals, created long-lasting friendships, and I have grown academically and spiritually. Thank you for all that you do.

—Matthew ’24