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November 17, 2022

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Tomorrow we will celebrate the feast of St. Philippine Duchesne and share some thoughts from Alara McLeane, Seventh Class.

Being a student at the Academy of the Sacred Heart is an honor and a privilege. The ASH atmosphere is such a fun-loving, enthusiastic environment to be in. I came here in Primary when I was five years old. On my first day of school, an eighth-grader walked me in. I saw many friendly, smiling faces when I entered the classroom.

Now, seven years later, I get to experience more independence. I have a keycard to enter buildings as I choose, I am able to transfer to classes without supervision, and the Seventh and Eighth grade classes have assignments in our various clubs that we must make sure we get completed by a certain deadline for our team.

It feels incredible to walk on the same grounds as St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. Whenever we are in the Shrine for Mass and Adoration, I pray to her. ASH is such a faithful school. I have not only learned about my religion, but have learned about religions all over the world. We incorporate prayer into our daily routine, and theology class really helps us deepen our awareness.

This week the SHCOG (Sacred Heart Commission on Goals) Team visited our school. They said how privileged they felt to be here at Philippine’s founding school. I was involved in their meeting with the Middle School students and feel as though we helped the visiting team get a better understanding of our school. They commended us on our strong community but also gave us suggestions to make our school even better.

ASH has helped me grow to become a better person in all that I do. Overall, the Academy of the Sacred Heart has really improved my self-awareness and my understanding of our world. I am grateful to be a Child of the Sacred Heart!