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November 16, 2023

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Last week Middle School students reflected on the successes of the first trimester. Mrs. Renken asked for a Seventh and Eighth Class volunteer to write a brief summary of that brainstorming session. This week, we share a reflection from Alara M. ’24.

Getting to start back up school again in August as an Eighth Class student was a whirlwind of emotions. I say this because as the year progresses, the time will soon come when I must leave the Academy. I have built so many strong friendships and gained many life skills to succeed. 

There have been many successes for the Eighth Class this trimester. To start things off, the first week of school, we threw a beginning of the school year pep rally. We got to be introduced to new students and get everybody pumped for the year to come. It was a great demonstration of all the leadership opportunities we have had this trimester. Not long after, the Seventh and Eighth Class went to Camp Lakewood. We grew as a class and bonded with the new students who joined us last year.

As an Eighth grader, we are given the freedom and privileges to make the wise choices we are expected to make. The faculty has encouraged us in all that we do. This includes our maturity in taking responsibility for our actions, making sure we are organized, and taking initiatives when asked to perform specific tasks. We have grown in being more prepared in class as well. They have also helped us in working to build stronger communication skills for productive class discussions.

We were asked the question, “Where do you go from here?” The most obvious answer was celebrating when we get our high school acceptance letters. We will also maintain the great friendships we have made throughout the years. Another event we have been excited about is Congé. We will get to lead the school for a day of all fun! Living the Goals will stick with us as we leave the Academy, and all the life lessons it has taught us. Some other events will include the Silver Tea after party, serving at Chemin de Fer, and brightening clients’ days during service. We will think beyond graduation and stay connected with ASH. Most importantly we will create memories that will last forever.

A line that Mrs. Renken stated that really stuck with me was, “Stay the course – dig deeper, reach farther!” To me this means, no matter where we go in life, live the goals and work to be the best you possible. Dig deep within yourself to bring out joy in others. Reach to always strive for the better. My hope is that we have an even greater trimester two and strive for excellence.