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November 10, 2022

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This week, Mrs. Liz Foor, Academy music teacher, shares her experience of being a military family and of joining our Academy community.

Dear Academy Community,

I am truly honored to write the entry in this week’s Thursday Mail. This week is very special to my family as we are a military family and Veterans Day is Friday November 11. I know there are other military families in our school and community, so from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for your service, not just for the member of the military but also for the family.

Being in the military is a community that is unlike any other and moving frequently can be hard to start over somewhere new where you do not know anyone. In the recent Board of Trustees meeting, I shared that as a military spouse it can be hard to find community and to put down roots but I have found that community here. The Academy of the Sacred Heart has welcomed my husband, Master Sergeant Josh Foor, me and our daughter, Gabby, with open arms. The families, the students and the teachers are so supportive and truly care about each other. It’s so important to belong to a community like this and to surround yourself with people who can make a positive impact on your life.

A great soldier is brave, reliable, selfless and must have an excellent work ethic — something my husband demonstrates daily not only to our daughter, but to all of the soldiers he encounters. Soldiers must also be patient with ever changing situations and show respect to those in authority above them at all times. These qualities are qualities we can all strive to have because they make us better and they make us a leader and someone others can look up to! At our Veterans Day prayer service yesterday, our students heard about the importance of these qualities from current ASH parent Adam Still who graduated from West Point Academy and served in the Army.

This Veterans Day I hope you pause and take a moment to remember how blessed we are and to remember the sacrifices those in the military and their families make for us all so that we can be safe and free. If you see someone in uniform, or know someone currently serving or a Veteran, reach out and say thank you! Happy Veterans Day!