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May 4, 2023

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A Message from Mr. Horner…

A few months ago in Thursday Mail I shared how we often hear that one of the hallmarks of an Academy student is their confidence and poise when speaking with adults. In February Lower School students met with the Board of Trustees and this practice continued by welcoming Eighth Class students to speak at a recent meeting.

Patrick Gattas, Neel Goriparthi, Abby Maroney, and Madison York spoke eloquently about the Goals of Sacred Heart education, learning experience, the community, and their faculty. Please take a moment to watch the video clips which are insightful and impressive.

I am proud of our Eighth Class students for their thoughtful, sincere responses. We will soon celebrate the Class of 2023 as they complete their Sacred Heart education and move on to eight area high schools. I know they will stand out as leaders and life-long learners and that they will be recognized as young men and women of kindness, courage, compassion, and confidence.

As our Chemin de Fer train prepares for arrival in Morocco, I share some wisdom from Neel Goriparthi:

“A strong community can achieve a lot of things, you can get help from others and you can develop relationships with others.”

This sentiment has been evident as Chemin preparations have been in full swing over this past week. I have experienced the strength and support of our Academy community coming together to work toward the good of our school. I am excited to join in the festivities on Saturday evening. See you at Chemin!