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May 11, 2023

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A message from Mr. Horner…

As we head into the final weeks of school, I have some exciting news to share as well as deep gratitude for a Chemin de Fer that exceeded our dreams.


The Academy is now a provisional member of ISACS, the Independent Schools Association of the Central States. The school’s application materials were approved in late April, and the next step will be to seek full membership through a self-study and visiting team review.

In September, I shared with the community: “As the first step to affirm and refine the academic program, the school administration is committed to joining many other Sacred Heart schools by seeking membership in and accreditation by ISACS. The early stages of this process have begun. We are seeking to join the Association that supports the strongest independent schools of the Central States through professional development, participation with peer institutions, resources and a nationally recognized accreditation process.” I am pleased we have moved quickly in this process and that we can now proudly claim that we are an ISACS member.

Chemin de Fer

Thank you to the community for the outpouring of joy and generosity for our 49th Annual Chemin de Fer, a gathering that celebrated 204 years of Sacred Heart education and the legacy of St. Philippine Duchesne! The party was tremendous fun. The overwhelming support offered throughout the evening will make a meaningful difference for the students and faculty.

The Buildings, Grounds, and Technology Committee has already met to help guide the investment in improving the exterior façade of Cribbin Hall Library, the Science and Primary Wings, thanks to incredible generosity for our 2023 Fund-the-Need. Thank you for a memorable and successful evening!