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March 7, 2024

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John Storjohann explains the inspiration behind a new project he is undertaking with the Seventh Class.

“Seventh Class is studying HTML and CSS this year, an area of study that is challenging them in new ways as they prepare to create a joint website. Inspired by the professional development of the faculty this year led by Dr. Peter Dry, we decided to create a website from the thoughts and reflections of Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) from around the country about Sacred Heart education. Students emailed RSCJ as old as 92 years of age and asked them questions selected from those formulated by the students. The Religious were asked to share a short bio, send an image of themselves, and respond to the five questions submitted. The website created will be their story – a living history as seen through the eyes of Religious of the Sacred Heart.”

Once the website is complete, we will share with our community. In the meantime, please enjoy this excerpt from Margaret Caire, RSCJ who served as the Headmistress at the Academy from 1984-2004.

I have been a Religious of the Sacred Heart for 70 years. It all began when I was at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans. I was in the boarding school and during my high school years I watched the religious pray and relate to all the boarders. By the time I graduated, I kept hearing a voice inside of me, “I have called you by name, you are mine.” I knew this was God calling me. But I waited a year and went to college for one year in Grand Coteau, La. Most of my educators were Religious at that time and I was inspired by all of them. So, in 1951 I entered the Society of the Sacred Heart at Kenwood, Albany, NY. My sister Ann and I entered together. That was a tremendous grace.

Over the years, I witnessed Sacred Heart education change. There are fewer educators who are religious women, however all the men and women who work with us have internalized the true spirit of Sacred Heart. That has not changed. The classes are smaller, so more attention is given to each student. Also, the Goals and Criteria have been revised and are more timely for the 21st century. They are a hallmark of Sacred Heart education.

— Margaret Caire, RSCJ