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January 26, 2023

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This week Michael Clever ’15 shares his reflections about his Academy education. Earlier this month, Mikey (back row, center) returned to his alma mater with some college friends for a tour and to share memories of his time at the Academy. He is a senior at the University of Missouri — Columbia studying Business. He hopes to continue his education at the University of Notre Dame where he is applying to the Alliance for Catholic Education Program (ACE). If accepted, he will complete a semester of graduate school over the summer and then will be placed at a Catholic school in the U.S. for a full school year.  

Hello ASH friends and family! My name is Mikey Clever and I am currently a senior in my final semester of college. The Academy of the Sacred Heart helped me so much in high school and now in college. Academically, Sacred Heart showed me the importance of persevering – I would like to think it is because St. Rose Philippine Duchesne is the patron saint of perseverance! I noticed in high school and especially now that this virtue was and is the key to my success. I strive for excellence and I attribute that to the teachers and curriculum at ASH. I also developed great discipline for myself. This discipline keeps me on track with doing what I need to do and avoiding what I should not do.

My spiritual life has flourished because of the foundation I created at ASH. My prayer has also followed the theme of perseverance. Like everyone, my prayer goes through great periods and times of drought. No matter which I find myself in, I consistently pray, and pray harder in those desert times. I have learned that I am not praying to God to ask Him for something, but loving Him for who He is during these dry periods of prayer. I also learned the importance of obedience. I allow God to work in my life and not take control. Once I put my trust in God, the fruits of my life, especially my suffering, have become apparent.

If there is one piece of advice I can offer to students and graduates it is to PERSEVERE. Do not allow your emotions to let you down, but trust that the Lord has what’s best at heart for you! He created you and he loves you perfectly.