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January 18, 2024

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This week, Middle School students share their thoughts on service in the community. Each month Mrs. Tammy Strother coordinates students in Fifth – Eighth Classes at area sites, including: Emmaus House, Naomi House, Henry Clever Center, St. Elizabeth Adult Day Care, Crisis Nursery, Senior and Company Adult Day Care, Lake St. Charles, The Boulevard, Forget Me Not Adult Day Care, St. Louis Food Bank, Little Bit Foundation, The Bridge, and Mount Carmel. From playing games and making crafts to sorting and organizing clothes, shoes, and diapers, students are making a difference in the lives of others. This direct response to Goal 3 — a social awareness which impels to action, impacts those within our community and beyond!

I feel like I’m able to help out everyone and meet some nice people. I really enjoy just coming and it makes me happy to help out, especially when we do crafts, and today we were making little bookmarks. For the past three times, I was helping out a nice person and today she finally remembered me! When I make a connection, I introduce myself, ask them questions, it starts getting more friendly, and eventually becomes a good connection! — Lily, ’27

I love going to Mount Carmel because I feel like I’m able to help and I can get involved in the good work they are doing. The people look so happy when we come. I try to really connect with them, talk to them and laugh. I have a favorite resident that has warmed up to me and she’s such an angel. She always points to me and says that she wants to work with me and it makes me happy. She tries to get to know me and I am getting to know her. I asked her to write her name on the back of her project and she wrote it in Chinese. She wanted me to know that she wrote it and for me to remember her.” — Selin, ’27

I really enjoy service because I feel like we are a making a difference and people will be wearing what we helped to organize. Goal 3 helps us think about the needs of society. —  Liam, ’26

The Bridge provides clothing, home decor and furniture for people in need. I personally love going to The Bridge because I like organizing all the clothes and knowing it will help someone who needs it. Today I organized baby clothes! —  Cali, ’26  

“At first I was intimidated to talk to the residents, but I am more comfortable now. It feels good to laugh and today one of the residents and I made a secret handshake. I’m learning how to help people who aren’t as capable. I like that going out to service sites — and all of the Goals — are part of the curriculum. — Will, ’25

“I love how our school offers us this opportunity to get out of the classroom. We learn more from this experience and we are learning to make peoples’ day. I am also learning to be a leader. It’s good to reflect back and know that you made a difference. I try to learn from it and I try to help more people. — Gio, ’25

I love having the opportunity to go to service for a few hours, helping seniors out, and seeing their charming faces and how nice they are. I love playing games and they love having us there. I feel joyful visiting once a month and sometimes I feel like I should visit them more. I’ve grown as a student visiting seniors at The Boulevard by being able to communicate and being friendly and keeping a happy smile on my face. — Will, ’27