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Greetings from Mr. Horner

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Dear Academy Families and Friends,

As I complete my first month at the Academy, my heart is full of gratitude for this community. From the moment I stepped onto campus, I felt something very special about this school and it is a great honor to serve as the 46th Head of School. My enjoyment during this first month is matched only by the level of learning, including the Roots that Give us Wings Conference in June and Sacred Heart Heads Conference, which just concluded in California. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many members of the Academy family over the past weeks, from being part of the Fourth of July Parade to visits from out-of-town alums to happy hours, coffees and small group gatherings. The sense of community is palpable and the weeks and months ahead will bring more opportunities to build on these connections! 

I shared with parents, faculty and staff earlier this month that warmth does not adequately describe how kind, thoughtful and incredibly receptive everyone has been — the Academy already feels like home. The welcome I have experienced has me fondly anticipating working with the faculty and staff, parents and Board of Trustees to create the best future for each Academy student.

It is a privilege to follow in the footsteps of St. Philippine Duchesne, the remarkable RSCJ and most recently, Dr. Dempf. Their faith, perseverance, courage and confidence have paved the way for where we are today. I can think of no place else I would rather be, no other people I want to call my community.

I anticipate the start of school and the joy and energy created by our students and faculty. I look forward to seeing you at morning drop-off or if you have a moment to visit my office!

In partnership with you for the sake of this extraordinary school,

Tim Horner