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February 9, 2023

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A Message from Mr. Horner

This week, it is my pleasure and privilege to share some wonderful news and accomplishments of our students. We begin with our Eighth Class who received their high school acceptances over the weekend. I am exceedingly proud of our Academy students. Their hard work, solid academic foundation, strong character and faith formation have paved the way for their future success. The Class of 2023 will matriculate to eight high schools in the area, where I am confident they will stand out as leaders and life-long learners.

I often hear that one of the hallmarks of an Academy student is confidence and poise when speaking with adults. Our students have multiple opportunities to practice and grow in this area. Recently, student-led tours have returned and our Ambassadors are the most eloquent orators in explaining our school and their experience. As I observe and overhear them speak, I am struck by their insight and know that prospective parents must be impressed with their maturity. 

Last Friday, two students from First Class, Hannah and Myles , and two from Second Class, Aaliyah  and Clark, spoke at the February Board of Trustees meeting. A Trustee shared, “They were well-spoken, poised, and displayed every behavior that is taken for granted as standard at the Academy.” Their insight into academics, favorite units of study such as whales and art, their beloved teachers, and favorite spaces on campus near the statues of Mater and St. Madeleine Sophie was the highlight of the meeting. Their sincere conversation was a gift to all!

Sacred Heart Commission on Goals & Listening Sessions

It is an honor to share that we have received our formal acknowledgement from the Society of the Sacred Heart of renewing sponsorship as members of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools. In the notice, it was stated: “Throughout the visit, the Visiting Team experienced a renewed sense of optimism and excitement about the future…” It is a privilege to continue as a peer institution to great schools in the Network.

The first Listening Session on Tuesday was attended by approximately 30 participants. The participants enjoyed conversing about the future of the academic program and student experience. We look forward to continuing the discussion at Listening Session #2 on Wednesday, March 1.