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February 8, 2024

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At last Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting, Eighth Class students were invited to share their thoughts about their Academy education, the Goals and Criteria and dreams for their school. The Board was very impressed with the students’ authenticity, ease with which they spoke, thoughtful responses and heartfelt insights to Mrs. Renken’s questions. Below, we share some of their words.

I love the way we get to go out into the community and just experience what everyone else is experiencing, be open to let things in and understand so that we can help others around us.

— Logan

I will take with me all the Goals the school has taught us because those Goals define what our character is. The Goals are what makes our characters different . . . Mr. Horner says at the end of Mass to act so other people know that we’re from the Sacred Heart and the Goals are important to make it so.

— Cameron

Our school is not just a school, there is also a big sense of community. Everyone knows everybody else and everyone is kind. It feels like home.

— Gabby

When you come to this school you’re not just coming to the school, you are joining a big, happy family. Everyone supports everyone . . . I have so many sisters in my class because I have been with them since I was really little. I feel like high school will be a big change because right away I will not feel like I’m a big part of a family.

— Alara