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February 15, 2024

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We were thrilled to welcome back Emily Leight ’20 (Cor Jesu Academy), Katherine Gaylord ’21 (Lutheran High School), Yash Shelar ’22 (MICDS) and Will Johannesman ’22 (Duchesne High School) as our alumni panel on Sunday for Be Part of the Heart. They eloquently spoke about some of the highlights of their Academy experience and how it has benefitted them in high school.

One thing I didn’t realize when I was at the Academy was how special it is to have a saint here. That’s something you don’t see everywhere else… It is definitely something that is so important to us and so special. We create this relationship with each other and recognize we are in St. Philippine’s presence and we have to live out what she started for us.

— Emily

When you get to high school it’s a lot more independent, but the Academy bridges the gap of gradually getting to that independent way of learning. Also, at the Academy they put a really big emphasis on greeting adults and saying hi to them in the hallways… it’s been ingrained in us and there’s no awkwardness or anything when you are approaching teachers. I think that is really helpful to me in high school to just be comfortable with teachers.

— Yash

I will forever remember Goal 5 (personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom) because it’s what I base my life on. I’ve had so much growth, not just at the Academy, but outside of the Academy. It’s great looking back on what I thought I was going to do and what I’m actually doing and it’s really nice to see my improvement.

— Katherine

The Goals help you build your own moral system and how you interpret those Goals personally truly helps how you view certain challenges and experiences in your life. I don’t know how other schools can build as much character… I don’t think you can find the quality of relationships other places as rich as it is here. The Academy helps you become very well-rounded. You learn people skills and you also get the education, but you also learn how to talk to adults, how to study, how to take on life. Some of the relationships here are more like family than friends and a lot of those are life-long.

— Will