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December 9, 2022

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This week, Bridget and Mike Maroney share their thoughts as long-time Academy parents and the importance of the gift of Sacred Heart education to their family.

When we toured the Academy of the Sacred Heart we were so impressed with everything we saw and heard. We quickly submitted our application and scheduled our interview with Sister Glavin, then Head of School. It was during that meeting that we realized we were entering a partnership with the Academy. A partnership based on shared values and beliefs. There is such comfort as a parent knowing that our values are shared by the educators walking these halls. They have become family. They have helped us celebrate some of our happiest moments and stood by us during our darkest. The Academy is so much more than a school.

Fast forward many years and as we began touring high schools with our son Andrew (Class of 2017) we quickly realized how an Academy education sets students apart. We heard over and over how Academy students tested into higher level Math, English, Science and Foreign Language classes. The strong foundation of time management and study skills set at the Academy helped our son finish high school with close to 30 college credit hours. He was accepted into the honors program at Marymount Manhattan College. These skills continue to help him manage his time as he juggles honors classes, working as a Resident Advisor and pursuing performance opportunities.

We have seen our daughter Abby (Class of 2023) grow and thrive at the Academy as well. The numerous opportunities she has had to speak in front of her class, school and wider community have helped her develop a confidence in public speaking. Service opportunities have given her a chance to share her heart with the community around her. Strong study and organization skills, learned here, continue to help her manage her time balancing school, extracurricular activities and family. As she gets ready to leave and move onto high school, we know that she is ready for any challenges she may face.

This community has been a true blessing in our lives and we look forward to continuing to partner with our fellow parents and alumni to ensure the Academy of the Sacred Heart can continue to touch lives and hearts for another 200 years and beyond.