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December 15, 2022

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The Christmas season calls us to slow daily life to reflect on life’s joy and to appreciate life’s blessings. As we approach Christmas break, I wish to extend my appreciation to three key groups. 

First, on behalf of the entire community, thank you to the faculty who nurture, challenge, support, and care for each Academy Saint. Individually and as a whole, our faculty are exceptional. Our gratitude cannot be adequately expressed for their selfless dedication and loving spirit. They are the epitome of Educators of the Sacred Heart.

Second, each day, in just about every place I go on campus, our volunteers curate remarkable events and experiences for our community. Our traditions and character are demonstrated in all they do and create. On behalf of the entire Academy community, thank you volunteers! 

Third, the support of our donors is humbling. Strong philanthropic support recasts our school from good to great. We value the trust inherent in offering a gift and receive each gift with the obligation of wise and frugal stewardship. I am proud to share that 100 percent of the faculty and staff have made a gift to the Academy this year. We would be honored to say that our parent community has matched the faculty and staff participation level and invite your gift to the Annual Fund in any amount.

With a heart filled with gratitude,
Tim Horner

P.S.: Go Saints!