Why the Academy?

The Academy of the Sacred Heart is a Catholic, independent school that offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and happy environment. Our preschool through eighth grade program focuses on building strong academic skills while fostering independent learning and communication. Curriculum highlights include: three Science labs, 1:1 computing, French and Spanish, daily Physical Education, and recognized Art and Music programs.

Founded in 1818 by St. Philippine Duchesne, the Academy was the first of many Sacred Heart schools established in the United States. Our mission is to educate and inspire the heart and mind of each child to become a courageous and confident leader who knows and loves God, and who reveals that love by serving others. Our graduates are young men and women well prepared for the challenges of high school, college, and beyond.



The Head of School Search continues with a Search Consultant visit next week from Risa Oganesoff Heersche and Mathew Heersche with Educational Directions. They will be on campus to learn more about the Academy and its community as part of the search process.


Thank you to all of our golfers, sponsors and volunteers who supported the 2021 Academy Classic Golf Tournament. It was wonderful seeing many Academy parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, board members and friends!


WELCOME to the 2021-2022 school year! This morning we began our 203rd school year and welcomed 1-8 Class students! It is wonderful having Academy students back on campus and we wish them a joyful and growth-filled year.


Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day to our wonderful Sacred Heart educators! “Your example, even more than your words, will be an eloquent lesson to the world.” -St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

Thank you for educating and inspiring the heart and mind of each child every day and for always setting the best example for our students! Watch this video and hear from our students on how the teachers have inspired them. 


Inspired by her studies of the Corporal Works of Mercy in religion class, one Fifth Class student brought Goal III: A social awareness which impels to action, to life. Vivian first learned about Blessing Bags from her mom and when her religion teacher, Mrs. Strother, began talking about the ways the class was going to participate in the Corporal Works of Mercy, Vivian knew she wanted to make Blessing Bags on her own.

Head of School Blog
Susan Tyree Dempf, Ph.D.

October 22, 2021

Dear Academy families and friends,

This morning on my drive to campus and then over to the Membership Meeting for the Network of Sacred Heart Schools held annually in Saint Charles, I saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me as together we were stopped for a red light. The sign on the silver Prius read “I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about other people.” My immediate thought was ‘what a shame!” As the Prius moved away from me, the message stayed with me.

As promised, this week we continue our journey into the 2020 Goals & Criteria of Sacred Heart Education, with a focus this week on Goal III “Schools of the Sacred Heart Commit themselves to educate to a social awareness which impels to action.” This is the Goal most commonly thought of as our commitment to service. Service certainly is a component of this Goal, a very important one, but it is not the only dimension represented in the Criteria. Goal III and associated Criteria is our response to the problem noted on the bumper sticker.

Through Goal III, the Academy and all its members — students, parents, teachers, staff, alumni and Board members — are called to “serve the common good in an interdependent world.” Drawing from Catholic Social Teaching, students are educated in a manner that views social structures, practices and systems with a critical eye . . . to consider the ways things have been done and to challenge themselves and others to find a more just path forward for all.

Through these 2020 Goals, we are to be held accountable “for the care of God’s creation” and to be responsible stewards of the great gift of our earthly home. Again, the Criteria require us to look to the future and in doing so, take action to prevent harm. Immersing “students in diverse global perspectives, developing competencies such as critical consciousness, language facility and cultural literacy” all come together to offer our young learners a view that goes well beyond the school campus.

I think the key term that sums up Goal III is “impels to action.” Academy students do not just learn about the challenges faced in our communities, they are invited to consider what they can do to right a wrong, correct a problem and eliminate injustice. They seek to grow up to be the best for the world.

And, that is the answer to the quandary of how you “explain” that “you should care for other people!”

United in mission,
Dr. Susan Dempf


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The Goals of Sacred Heart Education

A personal and active faith in God.
A deep respect for intellectual values.
A social awareness which impels to action.
The building of community as a Christian value.
Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.