Dear Parents,

As we each continue our Lenten journey, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the purpose of the traditional Lenten invitations to prayer, alms and fasting. That purpose is: To carve out a space inside of ourselves for God.

To create that inner space, we are asked to let go of something:

  • In the Lenten invitation to more prayer, we are asked to let go of our over-activity, thus creating an inner silence in which God might commune with or communicate to us more easily.
  • In the Lenten invitation to more alms, we are asked to let go of something material to which we are attached, leaving an opening in our heart for God’s Spirit to swoop in.
  • In the Lenten invitation to more fasting, we are asked to let go of some habit which is not always healthy (it could be the habit of indulging in chocolate or it could be the habit of indulging in gossip). And, again, the very act of letting go of a habit creates a conscious space in our actions and routines, thus, allowing God more time and attention in our lives as we redirect those routines and habits in other directions.

I pray that we are allowing more spaces in our minds, in our hearts and in our wills for the God who wants and waits to fill us to overflowing.

May your Lenten Journey continue to be God-filling,

—Maureen Glavin, rscj

Jane Cannon will explore Academy history, based upon her research and subsequent book entitled Academy of the Sacred Heart – A Legacy of Love and Learning in a presentation at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School on Friday, March 3 at 9:30 a.m. In addition to the school’s history, included in the book are sketches of some of the most memorable RSCJ (beginning with Philippine Duchesne and her four traveling companions in 1818), lyrics of Sacred Heart songs, quotes from former students and from nuns who taught here, buildings, clothing, statues, traditions and more. Following the presentation, this informative and valuable history will be available for purchase and autographing by the author. (Publication date and information tba)

The Sacred Heart Spirituality Speakers Series is sponsored by the Mums of Alums at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School for the benefit of the entire Sacred Heart family. All are most welcome!

Click here for further information.

Enormous gratitude goes out from the whole school community to our Eighth Class students who planned, organized and prepared well for our traditional surprise day of fun! As is stated in Life at the Sacred Heart

“Accept with gratitude all those in your school community. From them and with them, you can learn what love is.” (p. 3)…click here to read more.