Enormous gratitude goes out from the whole school community to our Eighth Class students who planned, organized and prepared well for our traditional surprise day of fun! As is stated in Life at the Sacred Heart

“Accept with gratitude all those in your school community. From them and with them, you can learn what love is.” (p. 3)…click here to read more.

What a fun day! Once a year the Eighth Class surprises everyone with a play day they’ve planned for the rest of the school. Today was the day! Thanks, Class of 2017, for a fantastic Congé.  

Congratulations to Sister Maureen Glavin on recently receiving the ST. GEORGE AWARD, presented by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting acting through the Archdiocese of St. Louis, in recognition of “significant and outstanding contributions to the spiritual development of Catholic youth through scouting.” The award was presented to Sister Glavin on Sunday, Feb. 5, at St. Charles Borromeo church.…click here to read more.

Our We ♥ ASH Family and Friends Festival on Sunday was such fun! Thanks to all who attended, to those who shared their school with grandparents, to those who brought friends to see what the Academy of the Sacred Heart and the Shrine are like, to alums who returned for the day, to parents who helped with the book fair, and to all who volunteered in any way. Here’s a snapshot of all that was happening.