Head of School Blog
Susan Tyree Dempf, Ph.D.

The Blending of Intellect and Faith

Dear Academy families and friends,

It has been a busy week at the Academy as we have worked to support the formation of ‘master thinkers.’ Our teachers, whom we will recognize as the Honorary Chairs at Chemin de Fer are professional nurturers of thought. They help students to find their voice and grow in courage and confidence to use that voice for good. By instilling skills that enhance critical thinking and compassionate action, our teachers and staff ready students for the purpose that God will reveal as their own unique gift to this world.

Last weekend, Roman Catholic students in Second Class received their First Holy Communion drawing them to be one with Jesus through Eucharist. This week, several of our Eighth Class students received the sacrament of Confirmation in their home parishes. Through this act of acceptance of the faith they are sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We celebrate each of these students and congratulate them and their parents on these significant milestones in their spiritual lives.

The blending of the intellect and faith leads to a lively, intellectually curious faith. Open to mystery, students of all faiths are encouraged to develop their relationship with God and to share their beliefs with others. It was a special week at the Academy as this was so abundantly witnessed.

Parents, thank you for entrusting us with the gift of your child. We are grateful for their presence in our school and in our lives. Alumni, thank you for going out into the world and sharing the love present in the heart of Jesus. Teachers and staff, colleagues, thank you for myriad of ways you help students grow and learn. Together, all of our community members live the mission. It is a beautiful sight to behold!

With much gratitude,

Dr. Susan Dempf