Head of School Blog
Susan Tyree Dempf, Ph.D.

In an Era of Instantaneous…

This past Sunday we entered into the holy season of Advent, the first season of the Catholic Liturgical Calendar. It is a time when we as a community of the faithful prepare our homes, places of worship and most especially ourselves for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus and ultimately the second coming of Christ at the end of time.

In an era of instant—instant response, instant access, instant gratification—there is value in learning to live with anticipation, preparation, and joyful expectation. As we look back on our experiences we can see that some of the best things in life did not happen in an instant. Education is ongoing- lifelong. Relationships take time to nurture. The perfect golf swing, casting technique or natarajasana pose comes only through patience and persistent practice. This is not a skill or disposition you are born with, it is developed.

Across this season brimming with hope, we encourage you to join us in one of the many Advent practices that will reinforce what is being learned at school. Whether it is the Celtic tradition of a candle in the window, the German tradition of the Advent calendar or wreath, setting up the family crèche on the first day of Novena as done in Italy, or the participating in the beautiful Hispanic tradition of Las Posada- these practices help to bring into our homes a sense of prayerful patience and hopeful anticipation.

Wishing you a beautiful season of Advent.

Dr. Dempf

December 4, 2018