Head of School Blog
Susan Tyree Dempf, Ph.D.

A Special Day for Mothers

Greetings Academy Families and Friends,

Thank you to all who ‘tuned in’ to support the Chemin de Fer Online Auction! We enjoyed spirited bidding, exciting raffle draws and most importantly a much needed opportunity to look forward! We look forward to once again seeing each other and enjoying time with friends, we look forward to engaging in the activities we bid on and to getting outside as the weather warms. Thank you for all who supported the online auction.

This weekend we look forward to celebrating and honoring our mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, mothers-in-law, godmothers and all those women in our lives who have loved and cared for us a mother does. How blessed we are to have these women to love and cherish!

With all that has occurred across these past weeks, mothers more than ever deserve their special day. In recognition and appreciation for all that the Academy moms have done in support of our students, teachers and community we wish to offer a little break. Please accept the gift of Monday, May 11 as a day free from school Zoom calls, parent portal postings, videoed lessons and assignments to follow up on. May this ‘day off’ from online classes give you the gift of time to do something that brings you joy and contentment.

Happy Mother’s Day to all-

Dr. Susan Dempf