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Two Hundred Years: A Legacy of Love and Learning

Two Hundred Years: A Legacy of Love and Learning




Two Hundred Years: A Legacy of Love and Learning 
By Jane Shannon Cannon

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St Charles in 1818, Jane Cannon has researched and written this history of Philippine Duchesne’s first Sacred Heart school in North America. Gleaned from a variety of sources, the history spans 15 chapters and includes sketches of some of the most memorable RSCJ associated with the Academy in St. Charles (beginning, of course, with Philippine and her four traveling companions in 1818) as well as lyrics of Sacred Heart songs, quotes about St. Charles from former students and from nuns who taught here. Scores of images from the archives help illustrate the story, which includes two timelines of the facilities and uniforms in addition to statues and artwork, traditions and personalities specific to the school in St. Charles.

This publication was proudly underwritten by the author’s alma mater, Maryville University, founded in St. Louis by the Religious of the Sacred Heart in 1872 and still carrying out the broad vision and mission of Philippine Duchesne.