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March 9, 2023

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “There is something special about this school”? 

I heard this phrase many times from my wife, Carie Covilli ’91, prior to our kids going to the Academy but until I experienced that feeling for myself with my own children, it’s hard to explain. My wife converted me — a Borromeo Bobcat ’92 — a kid from across the street who played on the black asphalt parking lot, into a firm believer that there is something special about the Academy. Between the respectful children greeting you in the hall, the kind warm souls that are hugging their teachers as they leave class for the day, or the smile on the teachers’ faces when they see your child accomplish something they have been working so hard to do, there is something about the Academy that is sometimes hard to put into words because it is a feeling, and not an adjective.

This school teaches students how to be thoughtful, independent, and respectful, and it shows when you pass them and listen to some of their conversations in the hallways. During any event at school you see the Lower School kids getting along with the Middle School kids, and young alumni always return to give their favorite teachers those warm hugs they have become accustomed to. There is a unique bond between children at the Academy of the Sacred Heart and we want them to experience it for many more years to come!

That’s why when Carie and I were asked to chair Chemin de Fer, we happily accepted. This is our way to give back to the school for all that they have done for our children, Taylor ’22 and Logan ’24. 

We want to invite everyone in our Academy community to come together to make Chemin a huge success and raise the funds to help provide the best opportunities for our children! Chemin helps in so many ways, providing funds for our teachers to purchase the tools they need to educate our children, as well as special projects like last year’s newly renovated gym floor that shines again, the newly renovated Little Acorn and Pre-Primary playground, new laptops for Middle School students, new projectors in the gymnasium, 3D printers and more.  

So please join our family as Rauch Memorial Gymnasium is transformed into a beautiful Moroccan themed evening, where everything we do that night goes back to benefit this great school!  

See you in Morocco!
TJ and Carie Brown