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March 23, 2023

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This week has been a pleasure to enjoy the richness of community that enhances our lives and is part of what makes our school so unique.

We are honored to have welcomed Sacred Heart students and chaperones from Sapporo, Japan. In the actions of these Sacred Heart students, we see our values reflected. I am immensely proud of the character and inquisitive nature of our Academy students. Their warmth, kindness, and welcoming spirit was evident. The interest of our students in learning from our guests was clear and I know that we are better having spent time with our Sacred Heart friends. Their visit also demonstrates so vividly our deep connection through our shared mission and history. One of the best parts is watching our Sacred Heart identity lived through these young women. Our values are their values. In so many ways, they are so similar to our students.

“Your students are so gracious and really wonderful. It’s rare to see such students,” shares Yasuko Taguchi, RSCJ. “We pray for your school in gratitude.”

The alumni and parent of alumni gathering Wednesday night was a celebration of community. Parents told stories and laughed about bonding while volunteering for Chemin and other Academy activities. Alumni reflected on the foundational importance that our school played in their lives. While the individual conversations were such fun, the lasting impression was a sense of joy gathering as a community united though the Academy. What a gift we share!