Students take an Active Role in Their Learning

Grounded in the work of Carol Dweck, Ph.D., student-led parent teacher conferences support the development of a growth mindset, or the student’s love of learning and the development of resilience needed for “great accomplishment.” These conversations between students, parents and teachers focus on student strengths, areas of opportunity and goals. The great hope is that through this experience students take an active role in planning their own learning.

Eighth Class students prepared for their student-led conference by choosing a quote. Each quote has a special meaning or is inspirational to the student. The students used their quote to lead a conversation about their growth as a person, a learner, a member of the community and their future goals. 

Thank you to our parents for engaging in this milestone event. To our teachers, thank you for providing a framework through which our students can reflect and express their understanding of themselves as a learner. And, thank you to our students for engaging in the conversation with courage and confidence.