STEM Parents Share Careers

The Eighth Class had a wonderful opportunity to imagine what it would be like to have a STEM career as part of their future. Four of their parents recently shared their life, career and passion for working in a STEM field with the students. Each presenter’s story showed how math, science and technology is a path to an amazing future.   

Mrs. Leight shared her experience working in cancer research as she explained how a clinical trial works. It was an honest look into a scientific study that conveyed how one can learn  from something not working as anticipated, and the excitement when your hard work turns into a medical marvel to benefit patients. 

Mrs. Poulsen shared her path from a computer science degree to a fascinating and diverse career at Monsanto. She shared how current technology is used in their studies of growing crops to feed the world by displaying some of the tools currently in use to collect key data to support her work.  

Mr. Leight shared his experience as a transportation engineer. He explained the complexity of designing a city’s infrastructure, described new ways of looking at roadways and interchanges, and even posed some thought-provoking questions regarding technology of the future including the hyperlink and self-driving cars.  

Mr. Alexander’s presentation really helped everyone’s imagination to soar as he shared a video of Boeing’s finest jets in action. He shared how each day is a new challenge to coordinate teams of engineers to design, build and support the jets currently being used to protect our country.   

Each of our parent presenters  focused on how it is our students who will design and build the future, and challenged each student to see him/herself as the one who will make it happen!