Living the Goals

Every Thursday, Middle School students participate in a class called Living the Goals. The purpose of Living the Goals is to deepen our understanding of the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Education. Sharing in the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart to reveal God’s love in the heart of the world, Schools of the Sacred Heart commit to educate to:

I. A personal and active faith in God;
II. A deep respect for intellectual values;
III. A social Awareness that impels to action;
IV. The building of community as a Christian value;
V. Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

As part of the international Sacred Heart network, we are committed to the five goals and criteria shared by all Sacred Heart schools. At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that each child possesses unique gifts. Our mission is to unearth those gifts, nurture them and empower each child of the Sacred Heart to share those gifts with the global community.

Today in Living the Goals, Eighth Class girls took a “field trip” to the Shrine to listen and learn more about St. Rose Philippine Duchesne.