Blessing Bags

Inspired by her studies of the Corporal Works of Mercy in religion class, one Fifth Class student brought Goal III: A social awareness which impels to action, to life. Vivian first learned about Blessing Bags from her mom and when her religion teacher, Mrs. Strother, began talking about the ways the class was going to participate in the Corporal Works of Mercy, Vivian knew she wanted to make Blessing Bags on her own.

One day after school, Vivian and her mom put together 10 Blessing Bags that they intended to give to homeless people. In their bags they included deodorant, wet wipes, oranges, mints, homemade sandwiches and a water bottle with the quote “You matter. You are not forgotten.” wrapped around the label. They drove around for nearly two hours to deliver blessing bags. The remaining bags were taken to a nearby homeless shelter.


When asked how she felt while doing this service, Vivian shared “I thought about how happy it would make the people receiving the Blessing Bags and that made me happy!” Vivian also made the connection to the Starfish Story, in which she shared “this could change someone’s life.” Vivian knew that even one blessing bag could change someone’s life and that was what she did.