Be Part of the Heart Open House

Join the fun this Sunday at Be Part of the Heart Open House . . . Bring a Friend!

Check in and receive your official Academy of the Sacred Heart Passport to Learning.  Each student will receive a customized Passport. With completion of each activity, the teacher will ‘stamp’ your passport with a collectable sticker. The two recipients of the ‘out of this world’ sticker will receive a special prize from the Academy Spirit Shop.

Please enter at the Front Door.

Admissions guests will be greeted here as well.


Kocs Computer Lab:

  • COMPUTER LAB   |   Come fly a drone! Flights ‘take off’ at 11:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. 3-D printers will be in action as students’ models of historic buildings from around the world are being created. “Hour of Code” apps will be up and running as well. 


Rauch Memorial Gymnasium:

  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION   |   Students and parents alike, pick up a racquet and try out the latest craze Pickle Ball! Think you are fast — run the obstacle course!


White Center:

  • CHOIR and VIOLINISTS will perform at 11:15 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.
  • Sweet Treats and Lemonade served on the ‘upper deck.’


Primary School Classroom Areas:

  • LITTLE ACORNS / PRE-PRIMARY CLASSES     Make a beaded butterfly to welcome spring.
  • PRIMARY CLASS   |   Plant a seed and take home an activity book with your very own plant! 


Lower School Classroom Areas:

  • FIRST CLASS   |   Come play math and strategy games to challenge your addition and problem-solving skills.
  • SECOND CLASS   |   What time is it? Join in interactive math games with a focus on telling time.
  • THIRD CLASS   |   The area and perimeter are the focus of hand-on activities with objects to measure and build, challenge problems and games.
  • FOURTH CLASS   |   Create your own License Plate! Show your knowledge of the 50 states and their capitals with games and puzzles to complete.
  • ART   |   Create a colorful springtime bird with flappable wings!
  • INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE   |   Stop by for a game of “Matamosca,” a vocabulary game that uses flyswatters and a whiteboard!


Fifth and Sixth Classroom Areas:

  •  MIDDLE SCHOOL Science   |   Build your own rocket…design your rocket, decorate it with your flagship colors and then send it soaring! Who will reach the highest point?
  •  MIDDLE SCHOOL Language Arts   |   Greek Mythology comes into play with a word search game and puzzle…WORDLE fans will love this activity!
  •  MIDDLE SCHOOL Mathematics   |    Puzzle Palooza! Tease your brain with fun logic puzzles.  
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL History   |   Make a Chinese New Year banner for the Year of the Tiger and play Chinese games: Gobang (a game of strategy) and Chinese checkers.