Architectural Innovation Projects

On January 10, our Seventh and Eighth Class students presented their Architectural Innovation projects to their peers and current architect, David Masten.

Mrs. Surdyke, our Art teacher, drew inspiration for this project from the Academy’s commitment to professional development sessions with Dr. Peter Dry. His sessions focused on the transfer of learning where students can take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to real-life experiences.

Middle School Art students were in groups with the task of designing, planning and building a bridge, community center or high rise building with specific criteria. The bridge needed to be sturdy enough to hold twenty-five pounds and withstand elemental forces, the high-rise building had to be taller than the tallest student in the group and the community center had to be eco-friendly. The students had three weeks to complete the project where they honed in their time management, teamwork, reflection and innovative problem-solving skills.

Students had the opportunity to engage in conversation with Mr. Masten and learn more about the challenges and opportunities presented within the field of architecture before presenting their final projects to him.