St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Award – Nomination Form

For a list of past recipients, click here.

We invite you to submit nominations of alumnae/alumni who, in your estimation, would be worthy recipients of this award.  The deadline for entries for the 2020 award is February 29, 2020. Voting (by the Alumni Coordinating Council) will take place prior to the Congé Reunion on June 6, when the award will be presented.


  • Any living alumna/alumnus of the Academy of the Sacred Heart is eligible for nomination.
  • This completed form must be accompanied by a descriptive nomination narrative, documenting the nominee’s eligibility for this award. This form will be submitted to Lisa Tebbe, Alumni Director.  


Philippine Duchesne’s fidelity to her relationship with God was reflected in her life by her courage, her perseverance, and her passion for the poor. She was determined to educate those on the fringes of society and to reveal to them the love of the Heart of Jesus. Above all, she was known for her unrelenting gift of herself to others.

We seek nominees whose fidelity to God mirrors, in today’s world, what Philippine did in her time:

people who work for justice, people who build community and make wise (sometimes difficult) choices for the sake of transforming individuals and society—making the world a better place because of their efforts and their example.

Please use these considerations when composing your narrative of nomination. Every one of our past Duchesne Award recipients fulfilled these criteria in a variety of different ways. We depend on you to make us aware of others who carry on Mother Duchesne’s work in the world today.

  • You may type directly into this field or copy/paste text from a pre-existing document.