Seventh and Eighth Class


Andrea Corvalan


Andrea earned a B.A. in political science from Carleton College knowing that she wanted to be either a teacher or a lawyer. Both professions included her passions: books, learning and social action. She decided to focus on law and dutifully entered law school, where she thrived. Soon after graduation, however, Andrea discovered that she was not feeling the passion she had expected to feel—the passion she had felt in law school. She missed being in a school— the smell, the books, the students and the colleagues. Thus, she turned her attention to teaching and never looked back.

Andrea has worked in a variety of schools, across various disciplines, and accumulated a few degrees and certifications along the way. She holds certifications in social studies and special education and has a master’s degree in special education,  learning disabilities, along with the aforementioned J.D. She is also completing a master’s degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) along with certification in TESL. These degrees reflect her love of learning, respect for diverse learners and a very curious mind. Always finding new passions and interests, Andrea hopes to pass this energy and love of learning onto her students.

In addition to these professional interests, Andrea is an avid gardener. The quiet of plants balances the noise and buzz of students, her five children and two dogs.

“When I put on my gardening gloves, hold my pruning shears and/or trowel, and feel the sun on my skin, I am completely happy and calm.”



Catherine Whiter

Originally from the UK, Catherine grew up in a small town in New Jersey only a hop, skip and jump away from Manhattan. In school she developed a lifelong love for languages, literature and travel. After earning a B.A. in German literature from Reed College she received her M.A. in European languages and literature from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. She started her teaching career in Honolulu, first as a university instructor and then as a high school English teacher.

After seven years in the mid-Pacific, Catherine moved to St. Louis to teach German, French and Latin and lead the Middle School World Languages Department at MICDS. A decade later she moved to China to teach English as a Second Language at an International Baccalaureate school near Shanghai. After eight years of working overseas and traveling to as many countries as possible, Catherine returned to the Midwest to teach one of her first loves—English literature.

Her license from the state of Missouri qualifies her to teach ELA (Grades 5–8) and English literature (grades 9–12). She was drawn to ASH due to its strong sense of community, its dedication to educating the heart and the mind, and its emphasis on creativity. She is enjoying the challenge of getting her students to think “outside the box” and to develop a growth mindset.