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September 21, 2023

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A Message from Amber Peterson Westerson ’94 and Louise Weber Kuhlmann ’99

What happens when you put two alums in charge of Country Fair? We hope the answer is MAGIC!

As ASH alums and current parents, Louise and I couldn’t be more excited to be leading the charge for Country Fair this year. We have such fond memories of the event and with the help of our phenomenal committee, we are well on the way to an amazing event!

A few months ago when I was thinking about being the Country Fair chair I started to conjure up the memories that I loved from Country Fairs past. I remember time with friends, winning prizes and lots of fun. But I also had a very vivid memory of when we used to set up a Haunted House in the old gym. I also remembered a VERY specific Country Fair t-shirt with our teachers on it. They were dressed up as fun Halloween characters. I wished I had that shirt to show my kids. It had been one of my favorites.

Fast forward to about six weeks ago, my Dad walks into my basement office and says, “Check out what I found.” Lo and behold . . . it was the shirt, the one I remembered from childhood. (We might call it a Philippine moment!) I knew then that I wanted to recreate the shirt for my kids. Emboldened by Louise who also remembered the shirt and loved the idea, I reached out to my childhood friend from ASH, Valerie Fletcher Oda. (She happens to be an animator for South Park, American Dad, among others.) I asked if she’d entertain helping me recreate the shirt. She agreed and my plan was in motion.

Our Academy Family is the heart of our school. Our Academy Family is students, teachers, staff, parents, and alums who walk these sacred halls with one purpose – educating the spirits and minds of the next generation. This year’s Country Fair tee is not only a throw back to the tee of my youth, but also one that allowed us to capture a representation of the dedicated team that brings Sacred Heart education to life!

You may wonder why Louise and I used this space to tell you the story of a t-shirt. The story isn’t about a t-shirt. The story is about how more than 30 years after we walked these halls as students, we still feel the impact of the teachers on our t-shirt. We still remember selling raffle tickets, bake sale treats and game tickets clutched in our hands as we tried to win a prize at Country Fair. Tiny moments that became precious memories of our school. The story is about family: Our Academy Family.

We can’t wait to make new memories on October 14 and 15. We’ll see YOU at the fair!

Country Fair 2023 T-shirt Reveal!

Please place your Country Fair t-shirt orders by Sunday, Oct. 1. Shirts will be ready the week of October 9. We graciously thank the faculty and staff for the fun use of their likenesses and Academy Dad, Matt Miller, for printing the shirts!

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