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February 16, 2023

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Academy teachers “Love Teaching a Latte!” This week, we share some LOVE from our Academy faculty!

  • I love helping students find the confidence within themselves. — Mr. Lampen
  • I enjoy helping students discover their creative abilities. — Mrs. Hagen
  • I love seeing my students get excited about their learning especially when creative projects are involved. — Mrs. Grojean
  • I love encouraging students to be life-long readers. — Mrs. Reepmeyer

  • I love teaching because of the “lightbulb” moment when students find the joy of learning. — Miss Kimball
  • I love seeing how the students grow and mature as learners and leaders. — Mrs. Strother
  • I love teaching because there is something quite special about seeing the look students have in their eyes after they learn something new: The look of “I am proud of myself,” because making ourselves proud is the most special feeling. — Mrs. Hill
  • I love teaching at ASH because of the amazing students. — Mrs. Stewart
  • I love helping students connect with other countries and people. — Mrs. Masters
  • I love seeing all the smiling faces. — Mrs. Foor
  • I love watching my students become more independent. — Mrs. Murray
  • I love seeing students have their “lightbulb” moment! — Mrs. Alarcon
  • The students inspire my growth as a teacher. — Mrs. Marino
  • I love seeing the joy of students having success. — Mr. Keller
  • I love working with the students each day as we help each other to become our best selves. — Mrs. Horner
  • I love teaching because of the special connection I make with my students. — Ms. Kaemmerlen