Super Student Ice Hockey

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Academy super student ice hockey players have wrapped up (or are finishing) their seasons! Hockey requires extensive commitment from players and their families with several practices a week, off-ice training, weekend games and tournament travel. For students to balance their school work and Academy extra-curriculars with the time it takes to practice and play is a testament to their growth in time management and organization skills.

Nolan ‘28 began skating with his dad, Jeremy, when he was very young and began playing about three years ago with the Little Blues program (a great intro to the sport which includes all the gear says his mom, Bridget. He is having a blast playing for St. Peters and says, “I love the intensity and how quick and fun it is.” He plays his heart out during each game and a few weeks ago was the single scorer in the game, which prompted a happy dance!

“I’ve been playing my whole life,” says Jace ’27 who started playing hockey for St. Peters when he was six years old. After two years with them, he is currently playing for an AA Central States team, St. Louis Sting. Tuesday mornings at 6:30 you’ll find him on the ice training with retired Blues Player Jamal Mayers. He mainly plays center or right wing and with 57 goals was one of the top players on his team to score the most goals for the season! Jace knows it’s important to finish his homework, even if he has to stay up a little later.

Cameron ’24 became interested in hockey when one of his friends played and began playing in first grade for St. Peters. He has had a great season and has grown as a defensive player. He says hockey helps him spend less time on the computer and get his energy out. He’s considering playing in high school and says, “if we are down and come back and win, it’s the best feeling!” Cameron’s team won a tournament this season and are seeded second going into playoffs. This weekend he heads to the Blue Note Cup Championship! Good luck, Cameron!

When Caleb ’23 was younger, he played multiple sports but decided he didn’t love the heat, so switched to the ice and started skate lessons. He’s been playing for St. Peters for five years and is a forward. Five evenings a week, Caleb is at practice, so it’s important for him to focus on completing homework after school. “The Academy stresses time management which helps a lot to balance homework and practice.” Besides being fun, he enjoys the team bonding aspect. Currently, his team is the best in the league and plays in a tournament in Jeff City his weekend. Caleb is heading to CBC next year and plans to continue playing hockey.

Students and their parents agree that as they have gotten older, they are learning how to be more disciplined, organized and focused. “For us, school is the priority, so my son knows that to get to hockey, his homework needs to be completed first,” says Bridget. “Work hard, play hard.”