A Balanced Life

Dear Academy Parents,

I hope your children are enjoying their Spring Break week! To live a balanced life, it is important to have periods of time when one can catch up on sleep and engage in a more relaxing and restful daily routine. Even St. Madeleine Sophie once said, “As for vacations, I think we should have them.”

Perhaps you, too, without the evening homework routine, can enjoy the week a little (even if you have to work).

May God’s Grace, Goodness and Love continue to fill your lives! See you all around the campus next week,

Maureen Glavin, rscj

P.S. You probably know that our Thursday Mail communication usually highlights student and curricular life prior to any necessary, but less student-centered, Advancement Office information. In this week’s Thursday Mail you will notice that we are highlighting our annual Chemin de Fer dinner auction front and center. Without our beautiful students here this week, it feels like an appropriate moment to do so. We are thrilled with the dinner auction plans that are underway and hope you might find some time this week to catch up with our Chemin news, notices, invitations and information!