Did you know?

That at the Academy of the Sacred Heart we provide CPR/AED Emergency Oxygen Class along with Blood Borne Pathogen training and Epi-Pen training to faculty and staff?

Did you know?

That we have 2 AED’s and 2 Emergency Oxygen units equipped with both adult and children pads? (One set is in the chair room in the Gym, the other set is in the Arcade hallway.)

Did you know?

That having the AEDs and Oxygen units as well as Faculty/Staff training is part of our commitment to Emergency Response/Disaster Preparedness training?

It is true.  Our annual training took place on August 13, 2015 and our faculty and staff, once again, met the requirements for certification for Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and AED use. Included in the curriculum for the day’s class was Blood Borne Pathogens, recognizing and responding to a choking victim, and Epi-Pen Training.

Congratulations to the following for being attentive learners and for becoming certified:

  • Katie Berg – School Nurse
  • Sue Gallaher – PE
  • Jonathan Gonzalez – PE
  • Jeanne King – Pre-Primary
  • Marleen Monahan – PE
  • Samantha Weiss – Late Dismissal Coordinator
  • Julie Werton – Faculty, 8th Class
  • Michael Wilson – Faculty

We would like to thank Mr. Roderick S. Wilson of the St. Louis City Fire Department, Firefighter/EMT/BLS Instructor, for his expertise in teaching and making the class fun … while ensuring that we learned some very serious skills.  

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