A Virtual View

Our teachers post their daily lessons the night before on our parent portal. Below you can take a sneak peek into some of our virtual classrooms! If you are interested in learning more about the educational offerings for our students here at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, contact the Admissions office at (636) 946-6127 ext. 1108 or email admissions@ash1818.org.

“All I have to say is....wow! I have always loved our teachers BUT today takes it to a new level for me. The teachers have been in constant communication with us today through the portal, email, and even a personal phone call to help [my son] through some math! I am sincerely grateful that the teachers have taken the time to think this all through and have been so quick to make changes when certain things didn’t work!”

— Current Parent after our 1st day of Off-Campus Learning

"Thank you so much for all of the hard work and effort you have been doing for Off-Campus Learning. Both my husband and I are so impressed with the quality and organization of the daily class work, videos, and the expectation of the students to keep working hard. You forever have our respect and admiration for everything you do for your students. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, this school continues to further exceed our expectations. We recognize not all schools have the luxury or means to maintain the same level of academics through eLearning as the Academy, but we wholeheartedly believe the school and it’s teachers have persevered through this time to make the education as close to and as important as if the students were still attending school.

Thank you so much for keeping the kids engaged and connected. In a time like this, we feel the school really banded together and brought out the best in everybody."

— The Kinney Family

Little Acorns — Ms. Weiss

Ms. Weiss makes videos for her students to practice the skills they've been learning at school like writing letters, identifying the letters and sounds on their fundations cards and identifying numbers. She records daily read aloud stories for them to listen to. She also posts daily art, religion, writing, literacy, number and fine motor activities that they can do at home. Once a week, the students have the opportunity to see each other virtually via Zoom. They use their meeting to share the fun things they've been doing at home and to share things that start with the letter of the week.

Third Class — Miss Tyree

Miss Tyree posts a daily checklist of things for her students to complete. Students watch daily videos for more details and direct instruction. The students have been working with Fundations sounds and word work, Reading The BFG, studying for Social Studies, learning about area and perimeter in Math, and checking out online resources too! Students practice vocabulary on Quizlet, read books on Epic!, and practice skills on Moby Max.

Middle School

Our Middle School students are utilizing our 1:1 laptop program to complete their daily work. Teachers post videos and assignments via our Parent Portal. Once a week each student meets with their class along with their teacher for each of their subjects via Zoom to check in, answer questions and share general updates.

Sixth Class History — Mrs. Strother

Mrs. Strother sends out PowerPoint presentations to her students three times a week. These PowerPoint presentations are used to introduce new material and cover any questions students may have from previous presentations. She uses Zoom meetings once a week to teach a lesson, check in, have class discussions over material read or watched and introduce new projects and assignments. Students are able to submit their work from their laptop.

Seventh and Eighth Class Math — Mr. Lampen

Mr. Lampen posts a video lesson three times a week for his students. After the students watch the lessons, they are then able to complete assigned textbook problems as well as online math problems.

Seventh Class Graphing Linear Equations in Function "y=mx"
Eighth Class Algebra 1 Introduction to Quadratic Functions