Head of School Blog
Susan Tyree Dempf, Ph.D.

“Ser un Instrumento Dócil en Las Manos de Dios, pero Sólo un Instrumento”

In my office hangs a banner which I cherish.  It has so many levels of significance to me.  On the sentimental level, it hung in the office of my dear friend, a mentor-colleague who had served as Head of School when I was a Sacred Heart student.  It also offers a daily reminder to me of the internationality of Sacred Heart education and the Society of the Sacred Heart…that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.  On a personal level it reminds me of a meeting when I allowed my mind to wander into the image…and got caught!

The banner reads:  “Ser un instrumento dócil en las manos de Dios, pero sólo un instrumento”  [“Be a gentle instrument in the hands of God, but only an instrument”] and is attributed to Ana de Rousier, RSCJ (who, along with her companions was responsible for the expansion of the Society, and thusly Sacred Heart Education, into South America).

I share this with you not just because it is something that I love, but rather because of the significance of its message.  Each of us has the capacity to be a powerful tool for good in a world very desperate for compassion, courage, kindness, forgiveness and love.  It is important for each one of us to welcome God into our lives, to be open to serve others…recognizing always that we are only the instrument and that the love we offer is that of God.

Dr. Dempf

August 23, 2018